Interesting Facts About the Bull Moose

North America is home to large concentrations of bull moose, and they attract wilderness lovers because of their massive size and interesting traits. Bull moose are actually docile and predictable creatures, making them a top pick for hunters in the Burntwood Lake area. Appearance One distinct feature on a moose is the bell, which is […]

3 Fishing Lure Tips For Catching Northern Pike At Burntwood Lake

There are some lessons that take the time to learn, some professions that take more than a lifetime to master, but we are here to give you some tips that some are helpful and easy to learn now. When it comes to catching Northern Pike, there are a few things that are worth knowing. This […]

Secrets To Catching Walleye At Burntwood Lake

Burntwood Lake Lodge, known for its beautiful vistas and picaresque camping sites, is also home to some of the greatest fishing in the area! If you love to fish, come to Burntwood Lake any time of the year, even the dead of winter. There are a few secrets to a successful Walleye fishing trip, according […]

Spring Trophy Fishing On Burntwood Lake

It is only March but you already have your upcoming May trip planned and all the accommodations have been made in anticipation of fruitful fishing on the great Burntwood Lake in Manitoba. Burntwood Lake boasts an amazing 1000 miles of rocky shoreline; weed beds, hidden reefs and is a superb lake for the fisherman who […]