Manitoba Bear Hunting

Manitoba BearsSome hunters spend their whole life dreaming of the day they land the big one. The dreams you are dreaming may not even be large enough. Sure you want the biggest deer or best turkey, but have you thought bigger? You must add bear hunting to your bucket list. Don’t just add it to your bucket list add it to a calendar and make it a true goal. Your wife won’t mind the bear rug in the man cave; she will know you will be so proud of it that you won’t let a crumb ever touch it.

Where to start? Depending on where you will be coming from will depend on your hunting requirements. If you are a foreign resident you will have a few more requirements but they have been established for your own safety and the safety of those around you. Foreign residents must utilize a registered lodge or outfitter to book their hunting excursion. This protects you from not having the correct licensing you need, and gives you your best chance at your big catch.

The last thing to know for your trip is to be ready for the ride of your life. You must be prepared for a few bumps in the road but also a great time had by all. After all how many of your friends can say they have went on a bear hunt, in real life… not a game or their dreams!  Manitoba can be your playground for a week.