Secrets To Catching Walleye At Burntwood Lake

Secrets To Catching Walleye At Burntwood LakeBurntwood Lake Lodge, known for its beautiful vistas and picaresque camping sites, is also home to some of the greatest fishing in the area! If you love to fish, come to Burntwood Lake any time of the year, even the dead of winter. There are a few secrets to a successful Walleye fishing trip, according a few pro-fishermen who have played cat and mouse with a few Walleye in their day. Here are some tips for fishermen, whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just starting out, who want to catch a Walleye.

The best thing to do to get started is to ask a local to help you choose the right gear. You’ll need a sturdy rod, about a 10-pound main line, a decent leader line and a good lure.

Walleye are known to differ in their feeding habits, but they’ve been successfully caught with jigs, live bait, weighted spinners, and even by trolling.

Walleye swim in schools, so if you caught one, you’re likely to catch another. They like to hang out in rock structures, breakline transitions and other hiding places, so you’ll have to tease them out of hiding. Many fishermen report that the best technique is to locate a walleye on your radar system, if you have one, dance the bait around, and then remain still.Secrets To Catching Walleye At Burntwood Lake

What you need to do it get the fish interested enough in the bait that they leave the depths of the water and swim a little closer to you.

Repeat this method until they’re so curious, they have to take a bite. Keep in mind, though, that Walleyes are liable to bolt if they tug on the bait and are met with resistance.

Many experienced fishermen also say that you should fish for Walleye throughout the day. Some people think it’s best to fish either in the morning or the evening, but sometimes, the best time of day to fish is when everyone else on the lake has gone off to lunch and it’s a little quieter. Most of all, remember to be patient and relax and have fun!

At Burntwood Lake Lodge we know what it takes to to have a great fishing experience! Walleye and more, we have many plenty of fly-in fishing vacation packages for the avid fisherman. For more information or to schedule your stay, contact us today!