Corporate Team Building With A Fishing Getaway

Corporate Team Building With A Fishing GetawayCorporate getaways can be so boring, just the same old weekend at the nearby hotel with nothing really going on except weird board games and trust exercises. Why not shake it up and get everyone out of their comfort zones with an extended weekend fishing and camping getaway?

Here at Burntwood Lake Lodge, we have the perfect accommodations for something like a corporate getaway, and we can help you plan the weekend from start to finish. We have boats available to take the team out on the lake for the day to fish. What better way to teach your employees how to be patient and listen to each other?

The best part of fishing is being still and taking in the beauty of nature, and during that quiet time, your employees and colleagues can begin to get to know each other outside of the office. Corporate Team Building With A Fishing Getaway

Pulling in that large trophy fish can be a team experience; with the help of others they can accomplish one goal. Fishing those Northern Pike and Walleye is a good test of real-life ability to cooperate, because it’s on a larger scale. Your employees and colleagues will also have to work together, spending hours on the lake where colleagues can get to know one another, and bosses can see what their employees are like outside of work, grabbing a picture of what it is like outside of the office.

Plus, when on a vacation getaway, things are more relaxed and if you simplify the teamwork, everyone talking about how to work together, then perhaps the meetings back at the office, which are more complicated and nuanced in comparison, will go smoothly.

Consider taking your employees and coworkers out to Burntwood Lake, and show your team that a corporate getaway doesn’t have to be boring or fruitless. For more information about our fishing packages or to book your trip, contact us today!