Why “Catch & Release” Is The Solid Fishing Practice

We all know how exciting it is, sitting on your boat or dock, patiently waiting for the tug on your line. Then it happens and after the excitement dies down, it’s time to throw the long awaited fish back into the water. While it isn’t as exciting as keeping your prize, it is what’s best for the fishing habitat.

The fishing industry is very large and there are so many who enjoy the sport, that if we didn’t exercise a catch and release policy, fishing would not be as enjoyable and not nearly as exciting.

Most restrictions allow the fisherman to make the choice to keep or release and while some keep the fish for dinner, most are in it for sport. However, if you are following the rules, which are generally on size or the number of fish, you won’t be doing any damage to that area’s fish population.

So, what’s the proper technique for landing a fish? Why “Catch & Release” Is The Solid Fishing Practice

Start with using the proper tackle and line. The stronger the line, the faster you will get the fish to your boat or on land, which means less stress on the fish which increases the fish’s chances of survival.

You can use live bait or lures; however lures typically have a higher survival rate because the fish don’t swallow them like they do with live bait. Don’t remove the fish from water for more than four minutes and wet your hands before handling the fish to avoid removing its outer mucous membrane that protects its skin.

When it’s time to put the fish back in the water, do it so their head goes in first.

Here at Burntwood Lake Lodge, we have practiced a catch and release policy of all Northern Pike over 30” for 15 years and by doing this, we offer an excellent fishing opportunity. If you are interested in booking your next fishing trip with us, please contact us today.