Here’s Why You Should Plan a Fishing Trip

Do you love to fish? If so, you should consider booking a fishing trip to a place like Burntwood Lake Lodge sometime in the near future. There are many benefits that come along with taking a fishing trip, and you should keep them in mind as you consider the idea of planning one. Check out a few of the benefits below:

A fishing trip will provide you with a memorable experience.

All anglers have their favorite fishing holes that they love to frequent. But if you want to improve your fishing skills and catch fish that you might not catch on a normal basis, a fishing trip will open up your eyes to new experiences and show you a side of fishing that you haven’t seen before. Burntwood Lake is located right in the middle of walleye territory and also offers excellent northern pike fishing. The lake is filled with weed beds and back bays that allow fishermen to put their skills to the test as they try to catch the fish located in the area. It’s a unique experience!

A fishing trip will allow you to unwind and relax for a few days.

Catching fish is obviously part of the fun of fishing. Nevertheless, one of the biggest benefits of spending a day out on the water is that it gives you the chance to forget about whatever is going on back at home or work. It’s just about impossible to have a bad day when you’re out on Burntwood Lake looking for the best spots to catch fish. All of your worries will melt away when you embark on a fishing trip.

A fishing trip will give you the opportunity to do more than just fish.

Most of the people who come to Burntwood Lake Lodge come to fish or hunt, but they also come to enjoy the services that we have to offer. Outside of the breathtaking views that you will get when you spend a few days with us, we also provide our guests with five-star accommodations. You will receive three home-cooked meals every day, a full-service bar at night, daily maid service, and more. It’s not just a fishing trip; it’s a vacation that you will remember forever.

If you like the sound of spending a few days fishing, you should book a trip to Burntwood Lake Lodge today. We are a fly-in only resort located in Canada that can provide you with a 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7-day fishing trip at an affordable cost. Call us at 877-358-2259 now to reserve a stay with us soon.

Reasons to Plan a Fishing Trip With Burntwood Lake Lodge

Fishing  Fishing is one the few outdoor activities that can be done 365 days per year. Fishing is great for outdoor enthusiasts, as it provides a distinct adrenaline rush, but is also quite relaxing as you escape from life’s craziness.

There are places to fish no matter where you live, but of course, some fishing spots are far more memorable than others. In addition, most anglers want to experience different challenges in their pursuit for different types of fish.

Burntwood Lake Lodge is renowned for being a special place to fish. Located in the hills of Manitoba, Canada, we are surrounded by one of the most gorgeous lakes where substantial amounts of fish are.

Manitoba is known for outdoor enthusiasts and boasts some of the best conditions for fishing. We have excellent conditions for Walleye fishing, as well as fishing for Northern Pike. We have scouted the best spots on the lake for fishing, especially weed beds and back bays.

Both species of fish, Walleye and Northern Pike, feed on just about anything and make for an excellent meal.

We cook what we fish right at our lodge, which is located just a few feet away from the lake.

There are also great lodging accommodations that are ideal for relaxing after a long day of fishing. Complete with a hot shower, plumbing and electricity, you will have the comforts of home. We supply three home cooked meals a day.

You don’t have to worry about bringing a boat as we have a fleet of boats available for fishing and offer both daytime and nighttime fishing.

There are a variety of fishing packages for you to choose from. If you need a personal guide along on the fishing excursion, we can arrange that for you for an additional price.

We supply most of what you need for an unforgettable fishing trip. Burntwood Lake Lodge has done all we can to make sure you fish successfully and leave feeling relaxed and wanting to come back again.

Secrets To Catching Walleye At Burntwood Lake

Secrets To Catching Walleye At Burntwood LakeBurntwood Lake Lodge, known for its beautiful vistas and picaresque camping sites, is also home to some of the greatest fishing in the area! If you love to fish, come to Burntwood Lake any time of the year, even the dead of winter. There are a few secrets to a successful Walleye fishing trip, according a few pro-fishermen who have played cat and mouse with a few Walleye in their day. Here are some tips for fishermen, whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just starting out, who want to catch a Walleye.

The best thing to do to get started is to ask a local to help you choose the right gear. You’ll need a sturdy rod, about a 10-pound main line, a decent leader line and a good lure.

Walleye are known to differ in their feeding habits, but they’ve been successfully caught with jigs, live bait, weighted spinners, and even by trolling.

Walleye swim in schools, so if you caught one, you’re likely to catch another. They like to hang out in rock structures, breakline transitions and other hiding places, so you’ll have to tease them out of hiding. Many fishermen report that the best technique is to locate a walleye on your radar system, if you have one, dance the bait around, and then remain still.Secrets To Catching Walleye At Burntwood Lake

What you need to do it get the fish interested enough in the bait that they leave the depths of the water and swim a little closer to you.

Repeat this method until they’re so curious, they have to take a bite. Keep in mind, though, that Walleyes are liable to bolt if they tug on the bait and are met with resistance.

Many experienced fishermen also say that you should fish for Walleye throughout the day. Some people think it’s best to fish either in the morning or the evening, but sometimes, the best time of day to fish is when everyone else on the lake has gone off to lunch and it’s a little quieter. Most of all, remember to be patient and relax and have fun!

At Burntwood Lake Lodge we know what it takes to to have a great fishing experience! Walleye and more, we have many plenty of fly-in fishing vacation packages for the avid fisherman. For more information or to schedule your stay, contact us today!




2015 Ice Cutting at Burntwood Lake Lodge

Ice cutting transportation at it’s finest! Picture taken in front of main lodge
Few blocks of ice cut at this point, stacked and ready to be transported to the ice house
Brad making the load for the 6 wheeler (or himself) a bit lighter!
Ice picks to pull ice out of water! Not an easy job hey Derek!??
Larry supervising the boys! 🙂

Every year around March, Brad and a few friends (sometimes Larry and Sandra) need a little fresh air and exercise.   As luck would have it, a good layer of ice had formed on Burntwood Lake, 20 yards from the main docks at the Lodge.  Perfect for their annual ice cutting ritual!

This age old tradition involves cutting ice blocks into ~ 3’ lengths using a chain saw.  Once cut, the blocks are retrieved with ice picks and transported to the ice house using an ATV 6 wheeler.  Approximately 300 blocks are put up and covered with plastic and sawdust to insulate.  This ice is then chipped daily by the guests or guides and used to keep their refreshments cool during those hot summer days out on the lake while reeling in those Trophy Pike and Walleye.  There’s nothing better than local lake ice for keeping things as natural as it can be!

Looking forward to seeing you all this summer! 🙂

Spring Trophy Fishing On Burntwood Lake

It is only March but you already have your upcoming May trip planned and all the accommodations have been made in anticipation of fruitful fishing on the great Burntwood Lake in Manitoba.

Burntwood Lake boasts an amazing 1000 miles of rocky shoreline; weed beds, hidden reefs and is a superb lake for the fisherman who wants to try their hand at angling a huge Northern Pike or a catching a challenging Walleye.

Why May Is A Great Month For Spring FishingSpring Trophy Fishing On Burntwood Lake

May is by far the most optimal month to target and catch Northern Pike in the northern United States and southern Canada. After recuperating from spawning, the Northern Pike prowl the shallows for Panfish and Baitfish. With little weed growth accumulated, the Northern Pike don’t have all that many spots built for ambushing and they haven’t seen anything resembling a lure in at least six months. In conclusion, spring fishing for pike couldn’t get much better.

What About Walleye?

The Walleye are more likely to be found in the shallows come spring time. In the day, the male Walleyes might run into 3 to 4-feet deep of water, but in the cooler evening they are right back into 1 to 3-feet of water. This means you won’t have to fish more than a couple of feet from the shore and definitely not out in the middle of the open lake.

Anglers, who prefer first class accommodations, and fishing for Northern Pike and Walleye can do no better than Burntwood Lake Lodge. At Burntwood Lake, we have the best Walleye fishing and it is second to none on the Trophy Northern Pike.

If you haven’t setup your fishing package yet, there is still time! For more information or to schedule your stay, contact us today!