Northern Manitoba Fly In Fishing

A catch and release policy of all Northern Pike has been practice for over 15 years. Thanks to all the people for releasing those monsters!

Northern Manitoba Fly In Fishing

Walleye fishing on Burntwood Lake is absolutely fantastic! Nestled in the heart of excellent Walleye territory, Burntwood Lake is second to none. Catching shore lunch has never been easier. Filled with hidden reefs and rocky shorelines, Burntwood offers great Walleye fishing. Almost any type of lure works, most popular being the 3/8 oz or 1/2 oz jig heads along with a rubber tail, rappalas, and spinners. A light or ultra light rod are recommended for Walleye.

Northern’s released up to 48″, Burntwood has loyal, die – hard Pike fisherman who return year after year. Burntwood Lake provides an excellent opportunity with weed beds and back bays which are excellent habitat for Northern Pike. For bait casting, the ever popular Johnson Silver Minnow, Five of Diamonds, and the Red Devil are a few favorites that really work. But don’t forget to bring along a few of your favorites as they will attack almost anything.

2021 Fishing Rates (Main Lodge)
All prices are in U.S Dollars 3 DAYS 4 DAYS 5 DAYS 6 DAYS 7 DAYS
FROM SNOW LAKE $1370.00/per person $1720.00/per person $2045.00/per person $2305.00/per person $2540.00/per person
Direct from Winnipeg/Return
5 Nights/ 4 Days $2625.00/ per person
7 Nights/ 6 Days $3150.00/ per person

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