How To Get Your Kids Into Fishing


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As individuals who have a great appreciation for the outdoors, it’s really important to us that our kids learn to find the same values in nature as we do. Whether it’s fishing, or boating, or hunting, or even just being outdoors; influencing your children to appreciate these same activities is essential. Starting your kids out with activities like fishing is a great way to get them to enjoy the outdoors. Fishing is safe, fun, and a really great bonding experience. Here are some tips on successfully getting your kids involved:


Get them off technology

Before you hand your kids a video game, hand them a fishing pole. With new age technology and gadgets it can be hard to pry your kids aware from the screen, but in doing so, you can create amazing memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Fishing is one of those rare activities you can do with the whole family where every single person is involved and it’s peaceful enough to be able to enjoy each other’s company.


Keep it simple

You want to simplify the first experience so that the focus is on catching with the gear that matches the age range and probable skill of the child. For ages four to six, you will want a short rod of no more than 5 feet in length and with a flip-bale spinning reel. Your local outdoors store will certainly sell age appropriate gear.


Practice first

Before you head out on the water, have your child practice casting off in the backyard. This can save a lot of time and possible frustration on the boat later. Before you go out on the boat, practice off the dock.


Start small

A local pond or slow-flowing River is a good start for a fishing location. These bodies of water are typically stocked with a variety of easy to catch fish. Don’t take your kids fishing and expect to hook enough fish to feed yourselves for the year. It’s more about the bonding, less about the success of catches. Your children might not want to stay out on the lake all day, and that is totally understandable. Remain patient and flexible.


As your child becomes a more skilled angler, you can venture out to different spots where harder to catch fish thrive.


Burntwood Lake Lodge is a great place to visit once your child has had some practice with fishing. To book your family fishing vacation, give us a call.

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