Live Bait Vs. Artificial Bait: Which is Better?

live vs artificial bait

Many fishermen have used both live and artificial bait on various fishing trips; but a successful catch can depend on many different variables, so it may be difficult to tell which bait is actually more effective.


Though there are no absolute answers to this question; both types of bait have their pros and cons. If you are going to choose between one type or the other; you can make the most educated decision as to which is best for you by knowing the various advantages and disadvantages.


Artificial Bait/Lures


Fish naturally go for bait when they are hungry. Artificial lures have the ability to create certain physical actions that can lure fish even when they are not looking for food. This gives the fisherman more options to secure a successful catch.


There are lures that will vibrate and make noises that can be detected by fish from long distances; and topwater lures, like crankbait, which mimic the actions of a fleeing batfish. Artificial lures also allow fishermen to travel distances in large bodies of water while in search for a good location.


One artificial lure can last for many fishing trips tucked away in a tackle box; this is not an option when using live bait.


Live Bait


Of course, artificial lures are made to mimic live bait. This is why many fishermen prefer to use the real thing. They naturally have a scent that fish are drawn to. Avid fishermen know that there are some varieties of fish that will only react to live bait. This advantage makes live bait the preferable choice when fish simply are not biting, or waters are too cold.


Expense can be debated. Artificial bait can be used multiple times, if you have an unsuccessful outing; however, many varieties can be expensive to purchase. While live bait is often pretty cheap.


Though artificial lures can be reused, they often get lost and you will need to purchase more which can get costly over time. Live bait is the simplest to use, which makes them perfect for novices. It’s most fun to use live bait when teaching children to fish. You can even search for your own bait; which many outdoorsmen enjoy as a hobby.


In conclusion; both live and artificial bait will catch fish; you just need to find out which type works best for you.