Reasons to Plan a Moose Hunting Trip

Moose Hunting Hunting for big game is an exhilarating experience, especially when you’re hunting for moose.

Moose hunting begins at the end of September and ends at the end of October. With a limited window to catch big game moose, you should start preparing immediately.

If you’ve never been moose hunting, we suspect you’ll find it as exciting, if not more exciting than hunting for other wild game.

Here are some reasons why you may already enjoy moose hunting or why you should try it:

  1. Moose are fast. Moose can have a reputation for being lazy and complacent animals, but that is not the case. Moose can run as fast at 35 miles per hour and are fantastic swimmers.
  2. In conjunction with the above, moose provide a challenging hunt. They beat the odds of what they are typically perceived to be.
  3. Moose are quite the sight to see. If you have never been within a close distance of a moose, you are missing out. This animal species is huge with larger than life antlers and a body that can grow from 5 to 6 ½ feet from hooves to shoulders.
  4. While dangerous, moose hunting at night can be successful because moose tend to not leave one spot after sunset.
  5. Moose meat is healthy for you. Moose meat has the right amount of good fat in it and it a very lean source of protein. It has less than one gram of total fat per 100-gram serving with less than 0.5 grams of saturated fat.

Moose hunting for the first time is a very rewarding experience. Burntwood Lake Lodge is ready and able to take you on an amazing guided moose hunt.

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