The Health Benefits of Eating Fish

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If you like to fish, and you like to eat fish, you’ll be happy to know that fish are among the most healthy foods you can eat. It’s no wonder that people have been fishing for centuries, and fish has helped sustain human life across the globe.

Loaded with protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids, fish are good for both your body and your brain. Interestingly, fatty fish like trout, salmon and tuna are especially good for you because they’re high in fat-based nutrients– the good kind of fat, by the way.

Did you know that eating fish can help you have a healthier heart? Studies have shown that those who eat fish regularly (at least once a week) have a lower risk of heart attacks, strokes, and death from heart disease.

Fish can also help children during their important phases of development, and expectant mothers/nursing mothers should consider eating fish so their child receives much-needed omega-3 fatty acids from fish. Note, however, that some fish may be high in mercury, which is not good for brain development, so moms should avoid raw, uncooked fish (including sushi) as well as fish high on the food chain.

Have you heard people telling you they take fish oil/eat fish for their brain? Since our brain function tends to deteriorate as we age, people have found that fish helps slow the rate of cognitive decline. Interestingly, fish eaters seem to be less depressed than most people. Imagine that– fish can make you a happier person!

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