2015 Moose Hunt

20151008_185059_resizedHunting was a bit slow, we can blame it on the unusually wet and windy weather but the fact is the bulls just didn’t want to come out and play. The guests could hear the bulls back in the bush, as well the cows calling them back.

Guide Johnny with guest Jeff on his first moose hunt got his bull on the last day of the first week. The night before Jeff got his moose, he was a little down and ready to sell his custom made rifle.  After getting his bull I asked how much he wanted and suddenly the rifle wasn’t for sale. Nice moose Jeff. Great job Johnny.

The second week Guide (last day) Leo and guest Brent got his bull on the last day of the week at the last minute. Leo has been guiding Brent for 2 years previous and true to his name, got Brent his bull on the last day in those 2 years as well.  Nice bull and see you next year Brent. Great job Leo.

The third week, Guide Joe (the legend) showed everyone how it should be done.  Joe with guests John and John went out one morning and Joe did a couple calls and 2 bulls came out grunting from different directions.  Within minutes we had 2 very happy hunters. Nice bulls John and John. Excellent job Joe.

The third week Guide Gentleman Joe and guest Cassie tried to find a bear without any luck. The bears were either keeping close to their dens or still fattening up on berries and wouldn’t come to the baits.  I watched as Joe would land the boat, get out and take Cassie’s gun and then put his hand out to help her out of the boat.  Joe is a bit of a rugged looking guy and after witnessing how he helped Cassie I gave him the name Gentleman Joe.  Hope to see you in the Spring Cassie when the bears are a lot more active.

Camp Manager Jim



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