Manitoba Fishing Reports

Our season has begun! Check out our weekly blog of what is happening at Burntwood Lake Lodge!! Courtesy of Jim Schollie (TJ’s Blog)

Saturday, June 22nd

Well the days are getting shorter now. Its 64 degrees east wind and overcast the weatherman is talking about rain today. Jackie came in this morning at 7:45am with the Skibinski group of 4 and taking out Dave and Barb and Bill and Lorraine. It started to rain about 10:00am and rained most of the day. Johnny and Michael took their guests out to different parts of the lake and Michael happened to take Todd and Mark to the entrance of the north bay and Todd landed a 45” pike. Biggest so far this year. Michael McCracken has now claimed the title of Super Guide.
These guys are fishing machines rained all day and they didn’t come in until 5:00 pm. In the Jeff Johnson group along with Todd’s 45” pike there was a 33” and a 32”. It was non stop action in all 5 boats they estimate 400 – 500 fish. Mark made a nice comment he said “you guys treat us so good thanks”.

John and Lori Skibinski and brother in law John and Marylin went out and the rain drove John and Marylin back but John and Lori toughed it out and Lori with no rain pants!! Tough!!! John caught a big pike no tape measure but estimates a 40”. Between the 2 boats they caught and released 150 fish.

The Goupille group did good as well Jeff Jr. caught a 36” and a 30” pike. Some of the other sizes 32-1/2”, 29”, 31”,30”, 2-28”, and a 26” pike. These guys had non stop action as well and estimate 250-300 fish. Old Hap flew in with the beaver on the way back from Wollaston, Saks. and is staying the night he is going to be taking some of the Jeff Johnson group in tomorrow morning.

Jesse had spinach dip and pumpernickel bread for appetizers, BBQ pork chops, sautéed green and yellow beans and rice. Black Forest cake for desert


Friday, June 21st

A little overcast light wind 62 degrees F. It was a great day stayed overcast until about 4:00 pm and then the sun came out.

Bill and Lorraine and Barb and Dave are leaving us tomorrow so they called it a day around noon with lots of time to get their stuff packed up. Dave was a little late for lunch he says the fish were biting too good “I didn’t want to leave”. Bill got into a few but still a little annoyed his Tilley hat blew off yesterday and he wasn’t able to retrieve it. Both these couples are so particular and careful with things I gave them a boat a week ago and the boat is just as clean as when I gave it to them.

I sat on the deck and had a beer with them and they are a comical pair. Bill was getting his rods packed up wrapping a towel around them Dave said “don’t u use elastics to hold your rods together” Bill said “no I don’t”. Dave says “I always use elastics” to which Bill says “I don’t have any damn elastics”. Dave says “I’m way more organized than you are”. Sitting there listening to these 2 grumpy old men, I was in tears!! Great people full of BS.

Michael and Johnny took the guests to different parts of the lake looking for pike and they were to meet at the Hunting River. Their guests caught all kinds of fish and couldn’t believe the amount of walleye that bit a pike hook.

Harold caught a 38” pike and Jeff a 34” pike and I didn’t get yesterday’s info right Jeff caught a 36”.

We have a list on the wall of the filleting shack of the stuff that goes into a shore lunch box. Even with the list if you are not careful things get forgotten. Old TJ quite often teases the guides when thing get left behind. Today at the shore lunch spot the guides were getting things ready and Michael looks in the box and asks Johnny where’s the plates! Johnny looks and says “ah crap I forgot to put them in”. “Don’t tell TJ” says Johnny because he will tease me. Now how do you keep that kind of thing quiet. Everyone had a good laugh. Michael came back quick and got
the plates everything was fine.

The Goupille group did well pike fishing today. Between the 6 guys they estimate 500 fish. Jeff Sr. caught a 26” pike.

Chuck pulled in a 36-1/2”, 32-1/2”, 32”,30, and a 27” pike. Not a bad day!! After dinner the guys went out for a couple hours and one boat caught 64 fish primarily trolling.

Had a great meal again appetizers was garlic sausage, cheese and crackers. For supper, BBQ steak, with side mushrooms and onions, broccoli salad, and twice baked potatoes. Of course, we had desert… peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream. We might have to take Jesse with us at the end of the season!


Thursday, June 20th

It’s a bit of a hazy morning 60 degrees F. No wind and sunny and it stayed that way all day awesome. Michael our new guide is up with the loons checking to see how to start the generator getting boats ready: checking gas and wiping seats off. Michael is the youngest guide at Burntwood at 14 years old. He guided here last year at 13. He knows the lake and has a pile of energy.

Barb and Dave Jensen headed to the Burntwood River first thing caught a few and contributed to the evening fish fry. Old TJ went over to his secret spot just before lunch and made a dinner contribution as well. The Jensens headed to the mouth of the north channel and caught a bunch but didn’t keep track.

Bill n Lorraine decided to go south towards Larry’s and had a great time. He brought back and filleted a few to share with one of his girlfriends on the way home. Bill went out after lunch and caught a few but his =========hat blew off and he couldn’t get it.

Johnny and Michael are guiding the Jeff Johnson group and Johnny took his guests and 2 following boats heading to the Burntwood River area. They got into some walleye and one guy said he never caught so many fish in one day. Johnny and Mark ended up bringing back a bunch for old TJ too clean for the evening meal.

Michael with 1 boat following decided to go and try Evans rock and as soon as the hooks hit the bottom the guests had a fish. Michaels guests said this is crazy fishing. The guys tried at the islands around the corner from the lodge and same thing lots of fish.

They met up at the Burntwood River at the second shore lunch spot and had a fish fry. The guest’s comments were they really liked the guides good guys and were familiar with the good “fishing holes”. The guides were only scheduled to guide 1 day and the guests decided to keep them for 2 more.

Michael and his following boat caught a 36″ & 37” pike. This group are primarily fishing for walleye’s.

They think between all 5 boats caught 300-400 fish.

Todd brought in a plane load of gas and supplies for the lodge and got the starter on our Polaris 6 x 6 installed. TJ has the old girl back it’s a little easier to maneuver on the dock pulling up the boats. After dinner a comical thing happened, thank goodness the guest found it funny as well. Johnny and I were trying out a duck boat and the mud motor the other day so we took a gas tank out of one of the boats. Well the guest took the boat with no gas tank. We started the motor and away they went and actually got out about 300 yards and Michael and I looked up and he’s waving away. I knew almost right away what the problem was. The guest found it a bit humorous as well!

After dinner the Jeff Johnson group were sitting around the dining room looking at a cd of a fishing trip they made to Costa Rica. I asked them how the heck they can go on a hot fishing vacation and be able to leave their wives at home. A couple of them said they are happy to see us go!! Jackie brought out a new group of 6 in 2 trips with her Long Ranger. These guys are pike fishermen so maybe in the next few days we’ll have some good stories.

Jesse and TJ deep fried 40ish walleye for dinner this evening and along with beans and coleslaw it was a great meal topped off with everyone’s favorite drumstick desert. We have 20 guests at the lodge right now.


Thursday, June 19th

The forecast says hot today 61 degrees F at 6:15pm. The thermometer said 87 degrees mid-day the sun is shining very little wind the start of another great day and it stayed that way all day.

Dave and Barb headed straight west and spent the morning exploring and fishing. They brought back 6 nice walleye for tomorrow’s fish fry. Dave generally comes in around 2:00pm and spends the rest of the afternoon sitting on the deck talking to his old army buddy Bill.

Bill didn’t go out this afternoon he was feeling a bit tired so he spent the morning snoozing while Lorraine read a book. He did wander down to the boat just to have a look at his gear.

Well the Glassey crew are coming soon and will be happy to know the water is warm enough to swim in. They are generally the only ones that jump in the water. Jesse our Chef beat them to it and decided to take a swim this afternoon and another one after the evening meal. Dave was saying the surface temperature is about 72 degrees. We opened the lodge on May 25th and cleaned some fish a couple days later and the water was so cold it hurt the hands and now about 3 weeks later were swimming in it!

Brad made a couple trips to Winnipeg for guests and Jackie made 3 trips out to the lodge bringing them here a group of 10, Sandra and Michael to help with the guiding. A comment that they made was the thing that they liked about Burntwood was they could leave Florida, Iowa, wherever they live in the morning and be at the lodge that same afternoon fishing and that is exactly what 8 are doing right now. Another comment was wow what a view its beautiful!

Jesse whipped up buffalo chicken dip for the appetizer and we had pasta dinner for supper. To end off, blueberry cheese cake for desert.


Tuesday, June 18th

Beautiful looking morning, clear sky no wind and sunny 60 deg f. It stayed that way all day ended up mid-day with the thermometer saying 90 deg f. Another early start and the Lodge is getting quieter, Jim, James and Aiping are leaving us this morning at 7:30am. Randy is done his guiding for a while and Sandra is going out for a break. Todd came in with the 185 got Randy and his gear, Jackie came in with the Long Ranger for Jim, Aiping, James and Sandra.

In a few days we will be full so it’s a nice break to have just 2 couples here for one night. It’s also nice that they are an older couple that hug their teddy bears early so old TJ can shut the generator off well before 11:00pm.

Bill and Lorraine 80 and 78 years old headed to the Burntwood River and caught a few moved around a bit and decided it was too hot to fish so came in for the day around 1:30pm.

Dave and Barb 73 and 78 years old headed over by Larry’s hole and hammered the walleye. They brought back a few at noon to finish their limit and they were all nice eating size 18-1/2”- 19”. Bill thought he would try their luck down at the Burntwood and caught but it was too hot for him to fish.

I am definitely not going to lose weight this way. No appetizers this evening Bill, Dave and wives didn’t feel like any. Jesse started off with a spring salad, chicken schnitzel, glazed carrots, wild rice casserole and double layer pudding (chocolate and butterscotch) with a dab of whip cream.

We made an executive decision along with Jackie’s ok to change the time of the evening meal. I asked our guests what they thought of changing the dinner time from 7:00pm to 6:00pm and they thought it was a great idea. As it is now with a full lodge we aren’t finished the cleanup until at least 8:30pm. It makes for a long day, so starting tomorrow appetizers at 5:00pm and dinner at 6:00pm.

Brad came back from Calgary this evening with a new helicopter. She’s a beauty shiny dark red.


Monday, June 17th

Warmest morning so far 57 degrees F at 5:20am. Sun and cloud and no wind. It’s another early start with the 2 guys from Iowa, and 2 from Minnesota from Cabin 4 along with Jack, Landon, Mike and Perry from Neepawa, Manitoba. The Manitobans are leaving here at 7:00am. Larry in the Long Ranger took the Neepawa fellas and Brad came in with 3 drums of diesel slung under his AStar and to pick up the other 4.

The comments from all of them was they really had a good time and the food was excellent. Some are already starting to make a plan to come back next year.

Randy has had a blast guiding Jim, James and Aiping! It’s there last day. Again 2 of these guests have never fished Randy took them down to the honey hole in the Burntwood and by lunch time they had 183 fish, 50 for James, 67 for Aiping and 66 for Jim. Three days fishing and doubled their fish count daily. Aiping also caught a 32-1/4” pike. These guys were a bit tired so had lunch and didn’t go out until 3:00 p.m. looking for pike. Jim had a monster on but as it came to the boat it went underneath and the line got cut.

Barb and Dave along with Bill and Lorraine headed over to what we call Larry’s hole. Neither kept count but said the fishing was incredible! Dinner was deviled eggs for appetizers. For the main course, wild rice spinach salad, fall of the bone BBQ ribs, peas and baked sweet potatoes and apple crisp and ice cream.

After dinner we kicked Jesse out of the kitchen. Louise and Sandra cleaned up his kitchen for him and Randy and Johnny took him fishing.


Sunday, June 16th

Beautiful morning 46 degrees F, no wind and the sun is shining. It’s an early start for Larry as Mic, Gage and Roy left 7:00am Mic’s driving to Minneapolis. It’s going to be a long day for him as well. Today Dave and Barb were the first ones out and headed to the Hunting River deciding to take their lunch. They didn’t find many in the Hunting but just came out a little and said that was the best fishing they ever had. They came in at 2:00pm catching and releasing 35 walleye. Lots of fun.

Bill and Lorraine were the next out and headed to the Burntwood River with their bag lunch. It was tough fishing for a bit on Bill’s first day out but after finding the hole did really well, 30 fish for the day and they were in around 2:00pm as well.

I’ve been corrected a couple times from the guys in cabin 4. I first called them older gentlemen and was corrected to mature gentlemen and then this morning, after saying they were from Minnesota all week I was corrected again that 2 of them were from Iowa to which I replied that I was told that all things good come from Minnesota. I got a little grouched at about that!!! Good guys full of BS. Perry, Landon, Jack and Mike with guide Johnny had a great day. Well over 300 walleye caught and released. They mentioned that Johnny cooked a super deep fried walleye meal at the shore lunch spot. These guys are fishing machines and they’re back out again after dinner.

Randy and his guests headed down towards the Burntwood stopping at a few places and caught and released 135 walleye with Aiping way ahead of her husband James and friend Jim. Randy did a shore lunch deep fried walleye as well. These people are getting the knack for fishing. Jesse did Garlic sausage, cheese, pickles and crackers for appetizers. Everyone’s favourite chicken breasts stuffed with garlic, cheese and spinach, corn and marinated carrots. It ended with lemon blueberry poke cake.


Saturday, June 15th
It’s a balmy 42 deg f. and going to be a busy today as it’s change over day. Carry and Craig, Bob and Bobby, and Jim, Dave and Ken are leaving us. Great bunch of people Craig must be doing something right as Carry always has a smile on her face. Dave and Barb Jensen and Bill and Lorraine came in first thing in the morning. These 2 couples have been coming to BWL for 15 years. Dave and Bill were army buddies from way back. After breakfast Dave and Barb got their boat set up with depth finder and rod holders. Bill was a little tired so opted to have a snooze and spent the afternoon setting his boat up with his rod holders and finder.

Mic and Gage were the first ones out again trying several different spots. Gage caught a 33” pike and Mic picked up a 33” and a 38” pike. They did a lot of fly fishing which brings the numbers down but still managed to catch 437 fish this week.

The 4 mature gentlemen Gordon, Gary, David and Paul took off south towards fishing around Hook Island. They fished in the furthest South Bay where there is an abandoned boat and started to go around to the west side of the island and got a little turned around. Instead of continuing on they backtracked and made it back to the lodge for lunch a little late. They spent the afternoon down by the Burntwood River. Gary caught a 30” pike and 100ish walleye.

Randy took his guests Jim, James and Aiping Young down to the Burntwood. James and Aiping have never had a fishing rod in their hands before and they had a great time. Aiping caught 34 of the 71 fish they caught and released. Randy also treated them to a baked walleye and deep fried walleye shore lunch. All new experiences and having fun. Randy took them out for an hour after dinner just around the corner from the lodge to Randy’s secret spot and caught a few more.

Perry Sneedon, Landon and Jack Falk and Mike Krutkewich are fishing with super guide Johnny mostly down at the Burntwood and caught 200 walleye. They went out after dinner and caught 40 more walleye. They say the fishing is crazy here.

Jesse started off with veggies and dip and smoked fish pate for appetizers. Dinner started with a walleye chowder, BBQ pork chops, rice, mixed vegetables and strawberry shortcake for desert.


Friday, June 14th

It’s a nice looking morning 50 degrees F and the sun is shining with a light breeze from the east and it stayed that way all day. A flock of pelicans are sitting on the rock across from the lodge waiting for the gut bucket to be emptied.

Randy took Bob and Bobby looking for pike and it was Bobbys turn. He picked up a 37″ and a 39-1/2” pike. The guys caught lots of pike today. Nice guys and they’re having a great time.
Ken, Jim and Dave did a little exploring today but still managed to catch 60 fish in the day time and another 40 after dinner.

Carry and Craig caught 108 fish with Carry catching a 27” pike. A great couple, lots of fun. Craig was ahead yesterday but today Carry showed no mercy and is way ahead!!
The mature gentlemen (is how they want to be referred to!!) in cabin 4 had a little excitement today they saw a lynx. They are more comfortable with traveling the lake and the fish numbers were way up they caught 150 fish.

Jackie in the Long Ranger came in with Jim Wright and friends James and Aiping Young about 3:00pm. Jim hasn’t fished for 60 years and his friends have never held a fishing rod. Randy is going to be guiding them and it will be fun to see their expression on their faces with the amount of fish they are going to catch.

Mic and Gage headed out first again this morning total fish for the day is 83. Mic also caught a 32” pike on his fly rod that must have been fun.

Johnny is guiding the Sneedon group Mike, Landon and Jack Falk total for the day was 175 fish. They all pitched in and had a great fish fry lots of fun.

Jesse did a veggie platter and buffalo chicken dip for appy’s, steak done to perfection, stuffed potato, veggies and blueberry pie and ice cream.


Thursday, June 13

Nice morning and continued all day. The nicest day so far of the season 72 degrees F. The forecast looks good for the foreseeable future. It’s been an interesting day.
The older gentlemen from Minnesota in cabin 4 came in yesterday morning at 6:00am and got a carafe of coffee so this morning about 5:50am we took a carafe over to their cabin. Everything was quiet I couldn’t see any movement through the window so snuck in the door and put the carafe on the table. Well it sounded like a snoring symphony all 4 snoring different pitch.
These guys headed out to some of the same spots Johnny showed them and tried some different ones and hammered the walleye. Talking like they caught in the 200 range. One of the guys David made some nice comments, he said he has been to a lot of places and Burntwood Lodge is heads and tails above any place he has been. He also talked about the staff how good they get along and how there is people that do things because they have to and people that do things because they want to and we are the latter. Very nice to hear! Great guys!

Mic is feeling better today thinking he may have passed the kidney stone and him, Gage and Roy were the first ones out again this morning going to the first north bay and picked up a couple of nice pike. After lunch with Carry and Craig , Mic headed to a bay close to the Burntwood River and pulled in three nice pike a 31”, 32” and a 41” .

Randy and his guests headed out and finally found some bigger pike. They caught several pike and walleye Bob caught a 41” pike and Bobby caught a 36” pike. One of the guys that guided here at BWL, Jarrett Radford (Big Red) was doing some texting with Randy throwing ideas around as to where the big pike might be. Not sure if he gave away any of his secret spots to Randy or not!!!
Jesse needed some walleye for appetizers, bacon wrapped walleye so we asked Craig and Carry, the fish whisperers if they would catch 8 walleye quick over at Evans rock and tie them on the dock before they ventured off for the day. Half an hour later there was 8 walleye at the dock. They then ventured down to the Hunting River and caught a lot of fish and spent part of the day exploring and found an old moose jaw. Mic and Gage asked Carry and Craig if they would like to join them at the first shore lunch spot in the Hunting River for lunch. Mic did a great job with baked and deep-fried walleye. After lunch Carry and Craig went further down the Hunting to a small lake and there was a huge bull moose about 200 yards away. As soon as the moose saw them it took off. After dinner they tried the island around the corner and caught a few. Carry came into the lodge for some night time snacks and Sandra asked her if she was still ahead of Craig in the fish count and instantly “oh ya!!” The last few days this couple haven’t been fishing too hard opting to do a little exploring, but she said they have caught over 600 fish.

Jim, Dave and Ken had a great day fishing at the Burntwood River, caught a lot of fish and had a shore lunch at the second lunch spot. After dinner the guys headed down to the dock with their red solo cups, and folding chairs and caught and released a few more.

Johnny took the Sneedon group to a bunch of spots and caught a lot of walleye had a shore lunch the guys raved about and had an all around great day. After dinner 3 of them went back to the mouth of the Burntwood and caught and released a bunch more.

Larry and I have been doing a few renos to cabin 1 & 2, I’m sure the guests that have been coming for years will notice and appreciate it.

Jesse had another great meal tonight. It was pasta night! To start we had bacon wrapped walleye, then for the meal we had lasagna, Caesar salad and garlic toast and pear cobbler and whip cream for desert


Wednesday, June 12

It’s a nice looking morning 47 degrees F. slight south west breeze mixed sun and cloud. As usual before the generator is going Mic is up drinking his tea and Gary came over and got a carafe of coffee for him and his friends. We had to call Jackie to bring the helicopter as Mic was having some lower back pains. Turns out that he has kidney stones. He’s back at the lodge feeling better. While he was away his 16 year old grandson Gage took the boat and went over to the beach and trolled around and caught 6 walleye.

Johnny took the Minnesota group and got them familiarized with the lake. They tried several spots and caught a pile of walleye and some good size pike.

Craig and Carry, (the fish whisperers) decided to do a little exploring today. They headed south to the Hunting River caught lots of fish and saw some new country. They had an interesting day did a little walking looking at the old cabins just a relaxing day. Craig even got Carry driving the boat and it still didn’t help she still caught more than him. After dinner the whisperers headed to Evans rock and total for the day was only around 50. Carry had a smile on her face and said Craig finally caught up. This is a great couple, easy going lots of fun and laughs.
Ken, Dave and Jim headed down to the Burntwood River, tried a few spots caught a lot of fish. These guys are easy going and were thinking about going out in the boat they decided to grab 3 chairs a red solo cup each and fish off the dock. Dave was the king fisherman with 7 walleye, Ken and Jim -0.

Jackie brought Perry Sneedon, Jack and Landon Falk and Mike Krutkewich in around 8:30 p.m. This is the third time for Perry and the first time for the rest of the guys.

We had been running the kitchen off of a 100# cylinder after running out of propane with the pin so yesterday right around 5:00 p.m. just as Jesse was filling the oven with dinner he ran out and there was a little panic in the kitchen. We quickly got him going but, I forgot to light the hot water tank. Last evening just before lights out I went to take a shower and no hot water. I was already committed so I had a cold shower. It was a quick one.

For dinner we had Greek salad, fall of the bone ribs, peas, and sweet potatoes For desert drumstick cake.

Tuesday, June 11th

It’s a great morning calm, sunshine and for the most part stayed that way all day. Jackie had stayed at the lodge overnight so she took the 3 Winnipeger’s Ron, Rick and Luis out about 8:30am. Brad came in around the same time as Jackie left with TJ’s new ride, a Polaris side by side slung under his A-Star. After a quick breakfast of pancakes Brad loaded up the Sonnenberg’s and headed to Snow Lake.

Bear hunting is all done for this season with 100% success! The blonde will be another 50 or 60 pounds heavier next year still a couple baits with crap the size of a coke can, all are still getting hit. Randy took his guys Bob and Bobby out fishing. Bob caught a 36” pike in the Burntwood River. They also tried Green Frog Bay and had lots of pike action.
Larry and new heli pilot Chris, slung a propane pig in with the Long Ranger just in time for lunch. Chris returned to Snow Lake and back to the lodge with another sling load of supplies, some diesel fuel and a 20’ roll off linoleum. Something for TJ n Larry to tackle tomorrow.

Jim, Dave, and Ken caught their fair share of walleye nothing big for pike.

Mic and Gage had a great day with 175 fish mix of walleye and pike. They had baked shore lunch today.

We have a group of older gentlemen here from Minnesota that some have been fishing together for 49 years. It’s great to have the side x side here one of the fellas needs a ride up and down the hill. We have 2 -70 year young a 73-year young and Gordy at 83. Craig and Carry had a great day of fishing and contributed the most to our fish fry. Carry caught and released way more than Craig. At this point I think Craig is just being a nice guy and letting her win!!!

Jesse had a little help with the cooking, old TJ and him deep fried fish and potato fries in the gazebo and he made a chocolate cake for desert.


Monday, June 10th

It’s a long john morning 41 degrees F, but very light west wind and sunny. It’s been a crazy day. Randy, Bob and Bobby spent the morning dealing with Bobby’s bear then decided to check the baits for the evening hunt. By the time they were done with the bear it was getting windy and cloudy. The guys headed out to where Bob was sitting last night waiting for the blonde bear, they grabbed the bait bucket and was walking up to the stand and Randy said oh oh wait. There the blonde bear sitting beside the barrel and was looking at them. They didn’t bring their bow or Randy’s back up gun so they quietly walked backwards down to the boat and the bear followed them and sat there looking at the hunters almost to say “hey wait you guys bring back the food”. The guys headed back to the lodge and got a few sandwiches, their bow, coffee and back to the stand hoping Mr. bear was waiting for them. The bear didn’t disappoint as he was sitting there looking at the sharp edge of a broad head arrow. Earlier when the guys first saw the bear that chased them back to the boat he looked huge after going back and having a good look even being blond there was major ground shrinkage. Bob decided against shooting this beautiful bear with the hopes of harvesting a bigger one. Good on you Bob!

The Sonnenberg’s were a little slow to start getting going this morning but also came back for lunch no fish numbers but they caught mucho pescado.

Mick, Gage and Roy were the first out this morning choosing to check out some of Mick’s favourite spots. First, he tried the east side of Hook Island then Green Frog bay then over to Cinnamon Bay and finally ended up at the Hunting River for shore lunch. Primarily looking for pike, they caught lots of walleye but also caught a 33”, 31” and a 27” pike. Mic generally has a shore lunch daily alternating deep fried and tin foil baked walleye with onion, butter and mayo. He was looking forward to the baked and TJ forgot to send the tin foil so Mic had deep fried 2 days in a row!!! The tin foil is in his shore lunch box now!!

Rob, Rick and Luis came in for lunch smiling. They have a friendly competition going and we asked who was winning they laughed and said the fish were biting so fast we couldn’t keep track. After a lunch of delicious homemade beef veggie soup and ham sandwiches, the guys headed over to just past Evans rock an as off the evening meal they had 270 walleye. Now they have gone out after dinner for a couple hours and totalled for the day 290 walleye.

Johnny had gone home for a couple days and had to be picked up at the landing about 45 minutes away by boat. I have only been to the landing once and had the track on my GPS so about 1:30pm away I go. The weather was crap almost immediately. As I took off it started to get windy and rain at one point the rain was so heavy I couldn’t see the shore and strictly going by GPS. I finally made it to the landing and Johnny had just arrived. I put the GPS away as Super guide knows the way back. We were into the return trip about 10 minutes and there were 3 bolts of lightning in as many seconds off to the south and over the sound of the outboard I heard the thunder. I am not having fun. The lightning never did get closer but I’m sure I felt a little tingling in my butt. Anyway, Johnny had a good laugh at me. Good to have him back he is a great help.

Around 5:00 pm, Jackie showed up in her Long Ranger with 3 retired army buddies, 2 from Winnipeg and the other from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Nice guys full of BS going to get along good here!!

Brad brought 4 fellas from Minnesota in his A-Star. This is the first time the boss showed up this season and both him and Jackie stayed for dinner. These guys are looking for pike so the stories should get better. One of the guys came outside for a smoke and I asked him what was his first impression of the place. It’s beautiful here, fantastic meal.
Randy came back to camp around 9:30pm with the bear hunters and Bob got himself a real nice bear 210 pounds beautiful fur.

Again Jesse didn’t disappoint, devil eggs and pumpernickel spinach dip for appetizers, rice, spinach salad with slivered almonds and craisins, a roast of beef done to perfection pink in the middle, peas and mash tatters, with black forest cobbler. Jesse is doing a great job in the kitchen.


Sunday, June 9th

It’s a great looking morning light wind from the west and sunny 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Mick is up with the sun, has the lodge fire stoked and drinking his tea 45 minutes before any of us roll out of bed. Bob and Bobby are up early as well eager to start spreading the gummy bears and tarts out at their stands. The day was another interesting weather day. I don’t know how many times during the day there was sun, then rain, then sun, then rain.

Guide Randy headed out with Bob and Bobby to check the baits to get an idea what the hunters are going to do tonight. All the baits were hit again and the ground is all tore up where the bear is trying to lick the grease out of the ground. These guys came back for lunch and then out for a couple hours fishing before the hunt.

The Winnipeg group Rick, Ron and Luis went over just past Evans rock and hammered the walleye somewhere in the range of 200 for the day. I sat down at lunch and asked them what they thought of the lodge and the reply was everything is fantastic. The food, cabin, hospitality cannot be beaten and they have never caught so many fish.

Craig and Carry did almost the same. They headed to Evans rock and then to Jodie’s bay. By lunch Craig was in the lead but different story when they came in for dinner. These two headed back out to Evans rock after dinner and totalled out for the day Carry 66 walleye, Craig 65 walleye. The Sonnenberg’s all headed to the Burntwood this morning and back in the afternoon and by appetizer time they also caught in the neighbourhood of 200 walleye.

Mic, Gage and Roy caught 57 walleye checking out different parts of the lake. They ended up at the Burntwood River for their shore lunch. Bobby got a nice 230-pound dark chocolate coloured bear. The bear came in right down the main trail about 9:50pm and Bobby made a great hit with his bow. The bear ran about 20 yards straight towards the lake. Jesse didn’t disappoint again with pumpernickel and spinach dip for an appetizer followed by cheesy garlic stuffed chicken breast, oven roasted potatoes, broccoli salad and caramelized peas.


Saturday, June 8th

The wind blew all night from the south west but it’s sunny. The Texas group are a happy bunch all 6 got their bears and lots of fish. Greg never did get a bigger pike than his wife but he said he caught way more walleye??? Fish story I think! Todd came in with the 185 to pick up all the gear for his first trip. Jackie came in with the Long Ranger and picked up 4 and Larry returned for the last 4 Texans. These guys made some real nice comments: the food was excellent, cabins were very comfortable, the staff was great, fishing was incredible and we all got our bears!!. And again the best one was we have some friends that have been reading this blog and they want to come, next time we are going to bring our bows.

It is very windy. With the wind brought the cloud and drizzle part of the day. By 4:00pm the wind had switched right around from the north west. The weatherman says gusting to 20 km/hr. I think he’s wrong, more like 35-40km/hr.

The Sonnenberg’s decided to stay at the lodge because of the wind opting to enjoy the leather couch in the lounge. Robin and Jeff played a couple games of cribbage and by the sound of it, Robin kicked Jeff’s butt. Randy has a father / son duo coming in today to bear hunt, so he is out checking the baits and freshening them up. All the baits were down and as he was coming up to one of the baits there was a big blonde bear eating at the barrel. With it being so windy the bear didn’t here Randy and he decided to just back away as not to startle it.

First time guests Craig and Carrie from Winnipeg flew in with Jackie in the Long Ranger and were impressed with what they saw. After a brief walk around Craig talked Carry into heading out fishing. It’s still real windy, however over at the Evans rock it wasn’t too bad and in a few hours brought in at least 70 walleye. I asked who caught the biggest and the most and Carry instantly put up her hand to which I replied (having to stick up for my male counterpart) ya well its easy sitting in the front of the boat poor Craig had to drive the boat, put your minnow on and net your fish!! Carry quietly said “well we were anchored and I put my minnow on and netted my own fish”. Craig says ya she’s right!!!! Ron, Rick and Luis the other Winnipeg group headed down to the Burntwood River this morning and spent all day there. These guys 2 brothers and a brother in law have never been to a fly in full service lodge before. I asked them what they thought and the reply was fantastic. They caught a few pike the 2 biggest were 35” and 36” lots of fish guesstimate 80-90 walleye. The guys decided on the second shore lunch spot and said it was great. They got a bit turned around on the way home but did make it for dinner. They came back a little wet and were sure happy to have their cabin wood stove throwing out the heat.

Larry brought in our longest returning guest Mick, his grandson Gage and dog Roy. Mick has been coming to Burntwood Lake Lodge for 30+ years and comes twice a year. He comes in the spring to fish and then back in early September for duck hunting and fall fishing. Where else can you head out in the dark of the morning and set up the decoys, shoot some ducks, and then go out and catch trophy pike and lots of walleye in the afternoon. After a successful duck hunt Mick will treat the staff and the rest of the guests to bacon wrapped duck, it’s pretty darn tasty.
Todd in the 185 brought in the father and son bear hunters Bob and Bobby about 5:30pm. After discussing strategy, the guys decided to wait until tomorrow to head out to the baits. Bobby has some special food to try and entice a big one to come to his stand. He has some sweet tarts, gummy bears and some other tasty treats for his bear talking about making a trail and get the bear closer!! There heading out shortly after breakfast to check the baits and do a little fishing in the morning and make a plan for the evening hunt. It has cleared off for the most part
hopefully we will have a sunny calm day tomorrow. Appetizers are at 6:00pm and Jesse is putting out a spread of garlic sausage, cheese, pickles and crackers.


Friday, June 7th

Come on now enough with the clouds and rain. We need some sun to recharge the batteries! It did clear up around 4:00pm. Jackie came in the Long Ranger with a load of supplies at 7:15am and then headed to Dow to pick up some guests. It’s just cloudy and light rain and some of the guests are going fishing. I hear this morning that Greg is a little grouchy because wife Robin has a bigger pike than he does. Not sure why he’s grouchy at least Robin was paying attention when he was teaching her how to fish! At least that’s what I tell Louise when she catches better than me! My bad, I just realized I forgot to mention that Robin caught a 29-1/2” pike and that’s the one that Greg needs to beat. So both of them are heading out rain or shine. Ken and Robin are headed out as well. Everyone caught lots of fish but came in early. This is the Texan’s last day here they are heading out early tomorrow. Great people, easy to look after, and love to hunt and fish. Todd came in with the 185 with a group of 3 from Winnipeg and Jackie in her Long Ranger brought return customers the Sonnenberg’s about 3:30pm. Everyone got settled in their cabins got their fishing gear ready to go. Two of the Sonnenberg’s headed out for a little fishing before dinner to the Burntwood and caught lots of walleye. The Winnipeg group fished of the
dock and caught a few.

This is the first day with having appetizers before dinner and everyone liked the Buffalo Chicken Dip with Gluten free crackers. Everybody reading this realizes we have a new cook Jesse. It’s his first time working in a lodge situation and in the beginning he found things a bit overwhelming but now he feels right at home. He has put out some great meals and has a new idea that Jackie and Brad would like to try. We are going to try appetizers around 6:00pm each day and see what the guests think. Nothing fancy just something to bring the guests in the lounge and get to tell a few stories about their day. If anyone has some easy appy ideas feel free to comment on BWL page.

It was steak night again Caesar salad, stuffed baked spuds, corn with blueberry cheese cake for desert. After dinner Will took Kelton out to the north bay and caught lots of mid 30” pike.


Thursday, June 6

It is a beautiful sunny morning 46 degrees F, no wind at all the water is like a mirror. Relaxing in the recliner at 6:00am starting the blog drinking a cup of coffee and all of a sudden there was panic in the kitchen. Jesse started his breakfast and ran out of propane, old TJ had to spring into action. Within a few minutes’ things were back to normal. Randy took Hunter out to check all the bear baits. 10 out of the 12 baits are still hitting and if bear crap indicates size of the bear there are some big ones out there. Randy says the crap is the size of a coke can. At one bait the trees and the ground are all tore up. Some of the guests headed out fishing this morning, some to the Burntwood some to the north bay. The fish were biting great again thinking they caught in the 200 range.

Lunch was burgers at the lodge and the sky started to cloud over and the rain started at 2:00. Guide Will took Kelton to a secret spot and hammered the pike. They pulled in a 36”, 33”, 28” and one more that they didn’t get to measure. They said the one that got away without measuring was the biggest one but hey you guys know fishermen!!!! They also caught several smaller pike and lots of walleye. Because of the rain the guests stayed in the lodge play Uno and throwing stories around. Sounded like the game was real competitive even a little name calling going on.
One of the fellas not mentioning any names “Greg” called his wife a numb nut!! Ouch! Jesse got his revenge by skunking old TJ badly in a game of cribbage.

Lasagna dinner was great with salad, garlic biscuits topped off with a two tone pudding (chocolate and butterscotch) with a whipped cream topping served in a martini glass.

It’s an end to another day, generator off at 11:10pm I stood on the dock for a few minutes slight drizzle and nice to hear a boreal owl somewhere in the back yard.


Wednesday, June 5th

It was a mixed bag of weather today. 42 degrees F at 6:00pm and not a cloud in the sky. By the time everyone had their breakfast it was clouding over and just as they were leaving it started to rain, sunny skies around 1:00pm. and thunder and lightning, wind and rain at 4:00pm and now 5:30pm calm and sunny. Everyone came back at noon and the guides cooked they’re fish in the gazebo. The fish were biting good at the Burntwood in the morning and Johnny and guests tried fishing in the north bays straight west of the lodge. They caught a bunch of few pike of decent size. Greg lost a big pike as it spit the hook right at the boat. Sandra and Louise have been working on the gazebo the last few days trying to get it back in shape. Deep frying fish mostly on rainy muddy days makes for a messy cooking area. I never realized the floor was an off white the ladies did a great job. Mind you there is something to be said about good supervision😎.

It turned out to be a beautiful evening so Randy, and Will took the guests fishing, boats going every which way Randy going to check out Green Frog Bay, Will going to see if there is anything biting in the North Bay, and Ken took his McKenna and Kyle to the honey hole in the Burntwood River and caught over 100 walleye in 2 hours. Lots of fish but nothing of any size.

Jessie tried to get a little redemption from last evenings whooping in cribbage with old TJ, however his luck still hasn’t come back! For dinner he again made fall off the bone slow cooked lightly BBQ ribs, garlic roasted sweet potatoes, fried Brussel sprouts with mushrooms n onions and for desert he served up drum stick cake. If u think you’re going to loose weight at Burntwood Lake Lodge u are sadly mistaken!!!

Tuesday, June 4th

It rained all night same light south east wind but it’s warming up a little to a balmy 46 degrees Fahrenheit or 7.8 degrees Celsius at 5:30 this morning. Todd came in with the beaver and old Hap with the Cessna 185 at 7:25am to pick up the Manitoba group. These guys were the life of the camp full of jokes, lots of BS and very generous. Thank you. After pictures Randy and Kyle spent all morning dealing with Kyle’s bear under the huge spruce tree beside the shop. It is still drizzling none of the guests have gone out fishing yet.

Well the weatherman is right for a change he predicted sun coming out around 1pm and it’s out and the wind is light out of the south west and it stayed that way through the evening. Randy has gone to check the baits with Miss Robin and give her a choice as to where she wants to sit tonight. Will and Johnny took the other guests fishing lots of walleye and smaller pike. McKenna in Johnny’s boat caught a 38-1/2” Pike. This Texas group are the only group in camp and because of the late nights we are going to have breakfast at 8:00am. All of us old dogs are up anyway but it gives Johnny, Will and Jesse an extra half an hour to hug their teddy bear.

Robin decided on the right tree stand to sit in this evening. A nice black bear came in at 5:03 and she made a clean shot the bear fell beside the barrel. This bear has the nicest black coat and a respectable 222 pounds. Randy and Greg did some fishing in the Burntwood while waiting for Robin and caught and released around 100 walleye. They checked on Robin around 8:30 and were happy to see a great big smile on her face. It was nice for the hunters to be back early enough to get the pictures and clean up the bear. This group has 6 hunters and harvested 6 bears.

There are still lots of bears running around Randy only checked 6 baits and 5 of them were hit.

Jessie didn’t disappoint again with smothered chicken thighs, rice and corn with caramel poke cake.


Monday, June 3rd
It rained in the night but quit by morning. Ken and Randy dealt with Kens bear most of the morning and then everyone went fishing. Johnny and Will took their guests down to the Hunting River and caught lots of walleye. Johnny’s boat caught a 34” pike and Will’s boat caught lots of pike but nothing of any size. While they were at the Hunting a cow moose walked out on a point. They both started their motors and idled up to within 30 yards of the cow.

The Manitoba group all went down to the Burntwood River fishing again. They said they can’t believe the amount of fish they’re catching. The guys never really keep track of the amount of walleye they caught but in the hundreds. Louis cooked the group an awesome shore lunch. This is the last day for this group and they have made some very nice comments. The food was awesome and the staff treated us like kings. The one guy wants to stay just for the food and the best comment was they will be back next year. Nice guys and a pleasure to have! Randy took Miss Robin down the Burntwood and Johnny took Kyle to the South Creek where they saw the big one last evening about 3:00pm. Shortly after they left it started to drizzle and it continued all evening. Super Guide Johnny decided to go and check on Kyle and noticed the orange flag was in the tree indicating he had a bear. They got back to the lodge with a beautiful bear around 9:15 p.m. 260 pounds the biggest one this season so far! Randy got back with Miss Robin at 10:15pm and her bear never came to play.

After sitting in the rain all evening the hunters were very happy to come into a warm lodge. Jesse did a great job with a huge roast of beef, mashed potatoes, gravy and veggies. Can’t forget about the peach cobbler for desert!


Sunday, June 2nd

It was a short night with the hunters coming in close to dark trading stories. It was 12:30am before everyone headed off to bed. TJ had the coffee on and the wood fire stoked @5:45 and some of the guests started to come in. It’s another beautiful sunny morning south east breeze but chilly again 33 degrees F. The weather stayed the same for the most part nice. Larry left this morning about 7:30am with the father son team, Cory and Luke. They had a great time, nice people. He made a return trip with bear/fishing guide William Colomb.
All morning was spent dealing with the bears, got all 3 skinned out tagged and bagged. The Texan’s are all headed out for a little fishing before the last 3 go and sit in a tree stand. The Manitoba guests again this morning caught and released lots of walleye and one of the guys brought in a 35” pike. They brought in a bunch of walleye for our dinner tonight. They still can’t get over how many fish they are catching. I asked for an estimation and they said between the 8 guys they must have caught 5-6-700. I hard timed them a bit because they caught several big pike but didn’t measure!

We had an interesting evening hunt. Johnny took Kyle and his photographer Mom Robin to a stand and Johnny just pulled up into the weeds a couple hundred yards away. After a few hours Kyle signalled Johnny to come and get them. On the way out of the South creek they went by a stand 2 nights previous a bear was harvested and there was a monster bear there. Johnny said it made the 45-gallon drum bait barrel look like a Campbells soup can. They had a chance to shoot albeit not a great one so opted not to. There was still an hour of daylight so Kyle and Robin sat in the stand. The bear never did come back last night.

The Texan group that are finished their hunt went up to the north bay and caught lots of walleye
Ken got his bear last night, a smaller one, but it had nice thick long fur.
Robin is sitting in a stand by herself and the bear that has been hitting her bait didn’t come back.
These guys are fish eaters. We cooked 50 walleye and there is about 4 left, coleslaw, fries and chocolate cake for desert.
Great day lots of fish and excitement in the tree stand.

TJ (Some people asked what TJ stood for. Years ago my daughter Jackie gave me the handle Trapper Jim:)

Saturday, June 1st

It’s a little chilly this morning with frost on the steps 33 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky and a light north breeze the makings of another great day at Burntwood. Todd came in around 8:15am with a good load of supplies and to pick up the Blankenship’s. Luke and Cory headed up to the North Bay and wailed on the walleye. Young Luke’s arm was getting sore (he said). This kid is a great sport, good fisherman and a genuine nice young fella. Johnny took the Manitoba group down to the Burntwood River and they all said they had never caught so many fish. The group from Manitoba along with Luke and Cory came back to the lodge and we had a great fish fry. Between this morning and afternoon Gerald and Louis caught 255 walleye. The other boats didn’t do as good but the guesstimate for the day is around 600 walleye. They also caught lots of pike but nothing of any size.

Later in the day, Todd came in with 5 guests from Texas and Larry came in with the rest of the Texas group, 8 total. They had a quick snack of walleye chowder and sandwiches and then went to the target range and took a few shots with their guns to get ready for their. It’s a little late to go to the stands but Randy and Johnny took their hunters way down the Burntwood. Old TJ (me) had to come out of retirement and took his hunters across to Jody’s stand and one just at the mouth of the Burntwood. Everyone was locked and loaded by 6:15 p.m.
The bear hunters were not disappointed out of 6 hunters 5 saw bears some saw more than 1 bear. Two of the hunters got some real good videos of huge bears walking around. These smart bears never did come into the baits while the hunters were there and that is why they are as big as they are. Hunter tagged himself a nice bear weighing 213 lbs, Greg got a little smaller one at 165 lbs and Kelton got himself a real nice one at 235 lbs!!

For dinner Jessie did BBQ pork chops, macaroni casserole, veggies, ending with a delicious apple crisp and ice cream. It’s about 36 degrees F. This evening the Texas hunters that left home with 80 degree F weather were pretty happy with the wood stove and a hot meal when they got back from hunting

Friday, May 31st
Nice morning after breakfast the guests headed out on the water, the sky was blue with a slight north wind. Both Randy and Johnny took their guests down to the Hunting first thing and did ok not the quantity that they caught the day before. After a couple hours Randy and his guests headed up the Burntwood River and moved around until they found them. They caught 50 – 60 walleye a bunch of mid-size pike and David Sr. pulled in a 37-1/2” pike. Johnny took his guests to the mouth of the Burntwood and picked up a few, moved around and then went up to the long north bay. After moving around a bit Johnny found the walleye and they estimate between morning and afternoon caught 40 – 50 walleye as well as lots of smaller pike.

At 4:30pm, 8 guys from southern Manitoba showed up, 5 in the helicopter with Jackie and 3 with Todd in the beaver. The guests settled in to cabin 4 for a few cocktails before dinner.
Jessie didn’t disappoint again with dinner starting with pasta salad, steak done to perfection, twice baked potato, snap peas and brownie pudding for desert. Awesome!! There has been one complaint about the food and I suspect there will be the same complaint over the course of the summer and that is after being at Burntwood Lake Lodge for a week or so the guests will have to put another hole in their belt!! I guess we can live with that complaint!

Right after dinner 6 out of the group of 8 wanted to wet their lines so they headed up to the north bay. Between the three boats in the 2 hours well over 60 fish were caught and released. One of their group decided to try off the dock with a pickerel rig and pulled in 7 fish in a short period of time. Great start to their fishing trip!

Wednesday, May 29th

Another nice start to the day slight north wind but by mid-morning it started to cloud over and we got a light rain. Cory and Luke are heading out early with guide Johnny but soon came back cold and wet. Guide Randy and the Blankenship’s were going to do a shore lunch but because of the rain came back to the gazebo and did their fish fry there. Everyone caught a few in the morning but after lunch things really picked up. Johnny took Cory and Luke down to the Hunting River and just hammered the walleye. They said they quit counting at 50 and estimate they caught and released 70 – 80 walleye. Luke said he caught way more than his Dad!! They also caught a few pike but nothing of any size…yet!
Randy and the Blankenship’s spent the afternoon in the north bay and estimate they caught 75 fish both walleye and pike. David Sr. caught a 31” pike. Dave Jr. was bringing in a walleye and a pike grabbed ahold and he fought it until it got within 10′ of the boat and spit the walleye out. Now I’m told most men have a hard time with sizing things but both Guide Randy and Jr. say it was close to 40”!

After fishing in the cold and rain for the better part of the day the guests came back to a nice warm lodge a couple cocktails, great meal complete with peach cobbler we’re all sitting in the lounge watching the sun go down. Great finish to a cool day.
Thursday, May 30th

The sun is shining in Snow Lake but it’s a dull dreary rainy morning at the lodge. We can see the clear sky to the south but can’t coax these clouds to move. Chef Jesse is still smiling from last night’s crib games. He skunked me once and beat me twice. Luke, Cory and Sandra were playing a friendly game of poker and Luke tried to bluff Sandra but she’s too old and wise to let that happen. Luke’s too young and hasn’t honed his BS skills yet.

Both Johnny and Randy and their guests headed down to the Hunting River this morning and because of the rain going to bring the fish back and cook in the gazebo. The weather smartened up in the afternoon still cloudy but no rain and calm.

Luke and Cory caught 2 – 33’ pike and 3 -31” pike in the morning and 2-28” pike in the afternoon. They also caught and released between 40 and 50 walleye. Great day of fishing.
Randy’s and his guests caught a pile of walleye and David Sr. brought in a 33” pike. The fish keep getting bigger each day!
Jessie did an amazing job of dinner starting with walleye chowder, then chicken cordon blue, grilled sweet potatoes, peas and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Luke and Cory are learning the game of crib played 2 games and Luke won 2 games and skunked his dad once. After a cool day a great dinner and the wood stove in high gear it is going to be an early night.

Tuesday, May 28th

Well today is Louise’s birthday! Jesse the cook made her a delicious carrot cake, her favourite. I keep hearing the number 29 however I think we need to add another 30 years. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Louise. Generator on at 5:40 a.m. and it’s another beautiful morning. Slight west wind and it stayed that way all day, awesome. Johnny and I got a few more jobs done today things are really taking shape. Todd, Larry and Jackie came in with the Beaver loaded with propane cylinders and more supplies. Guide Randy and the Blankenship’s spent most of the morning dealing with David Jr’s. bear and then took a lunch and headed out in search of some fish. David Jr. latched on to a 30″ish pike and all together caught 100ish walleye. David Sr. pulled up his socks today and caught the first and the most fish. Colleen said she held back today but tomorrow she was going to put the pressure on.

Jackie flew in with the Long Ranger bringing the Gilchrist father and 11-year-old son fishing team Cory and Luke. This is their first time here and their first-time walleye fishing. Young Luke was itching to try out his rod so after a delicious meal of slow cooked BBQ ribs, rice, salad and carrot cake guide Johnny took them out for an hour or so. Nothing big but they caught 10 walleye with Luke catching a few more than Dad.

Monday, May 27th

It was windy all night from the south west then switched to the north west and blew all day but it was sunny and warm. Great day! Randy and Johnny headed out early to repair another bear stand and see how the baits were doing. Several baits were down, the guys checked out a few fishing holes caught some but did not spend a lot of time at it.
Today is the first day with guests! Todd brought the Blankenship’s in today at 3:30 p.m. Colleen, David and David Jr. The guests had a quick bite to eat and guide Randy took Colleen and David fishing and David Jr is heading to the bear stand. Luck was on David Jr’s. side on his first evening hunting! A nice black bear came in around 8:00 p.m. he made a great shot the bear didn’t go 10 yards. This is the same stand that David Sr. shot his bear last year 2018. Randy and David’s parents were fishing close by but the wind was too strong and they didn’t hear the shot so waited until the last minute to pick him up.

Its early in the fishing season and the walleye were a bit hard to find but they still managed to catch and release 30-ish. Rumour has it that Colleen had the hot fishing rod showing both guide Randy and David Sr. how to bring in the walleye! Back to the lodge for ham, scalloped potatoes and apple pie. What could be better than that!

Sunday, May 26th

Another nice day Larry and Todd came in with a load of gas and supplies. With their help, we repaired the dock. Got most of the repairs done Jesse the new cook is happy his dishwasher is repaired. Randy’s building some new bear bait stands and reports the bears have woke up and are hitting some of the baits. Things are starting to take shape

Saturday, May 25th

Beautiful day sun is shining. Larry flew us into BWL to get the lodge ready with Jesse the new cook, Sandra, Randy, Louise and me. Lots of issues broken lines in the guide quarters, cabin 6, broken valve behind cabin 5, broken pipe nipple behind cabin 4, frozen main line feeding cabin 1 & 2 and the dishwasher wouldn’t work. The barrels on the floating dock need some attention. Johnny Patterson the Legend came in on the second trip with Todd the float plane pilot. Randy is checking the baits and Johnny is getting the boats ready. The BWLCM (me) had to have a lay down for an hour around 5 pm as he was starting to play out.

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