Advice For Beginners: Bull Moose Hunting Tips


Most hunters learn of their preferred calls and scents from the years of hunting experience and knowledge of the physiology of all moose. However, if you’re just starting out or newly switching to moose hunting, you might want some help or advice.


The ubiquitous moose of Canada provide delectable and nutritional meat, popular here in the north, and their hides provide the highly-esteemed, and loved, mukluk slippers! Honestly, there is no mystery as to why they make an exhilarating and rewarding hunt.


About Bull Moose


These adult males weigh up to an impressive sixteen-hundred pounds, though the average is about one thousand, yielding almost half of that in usable meat. Understanding how they mate and find each other will help you effectively attract these elusive creatures. Moose have a flap of skin under their throats, called a “dewlap”, and this helps them communicate and sense/smell the presence of other moose.


Harness this information and use it to your advantage. For example, moose have a heightened sense of smell and hearing, but their vision is poor- so you know to worry more about the sounds you make than how to dress.


For more help and tips for success when hunting moose, please read this article or contact us.

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