What Exactly Do You Need To Enter Canada?

In summer of 2009, U.S. laws changed to stricken the requirements for entering our neighboring country, Canada. Ever since then, there has been confusion and speculation as to what you need to enter and exit Canada.


Age, transportation, and motive all affect which documents you will need. Customs officers are entitled to refuse entry to either country at any point. Having the incorrect documentation could throw a gigantic wrench in your vacation, so we have provided you with a checklist. Ensure members who are traveling with you have everything that he or she needs according to their demographic.

•    Traveling by air, for adults and children, passengers are required to have a U.S Passport and a Nexus Card.

•    For Adults arriving by land or by sea, a U.S passport is required.

•    In MI, NY, VT, and WA, an Enhanced Driver’s License is acceptable for entry to and from Canada.

•    For vacationers on cruises, which begin and end on the same port, passengers may provide a driver’s license and a birth certificate. However, some cruise liners are stringent in order to protect their assets, so check with them first.

•    For kids arriving by land or sea, under the age of fifteen may present only a birth certificate, as they have no photo ID.

For more information please visit http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/tourist.asp.

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