Black Bear Hunting In the Spring

Every spring people flock to the depths of the North American wilderness to take a shot at bringing down a Black Bear. The American Black Bear is the most common bear species native to North America. It pretty much lives in all parts of the continent, stretching north to Canada and even as far south as Mexico. Most commonly they live in densely wooded heavy timbered areas. Thankfully for us, we have over 1000 miles of untouched wilderness shoreline; this is a fly-in only area with no other camps on lake. Because of the fearful connotation, huge size and elusiveness, the bear is one of the most coveted big game animals hunted. They have the ability to withstand multiple gunshots and are difficult to bring down, especially ones larger in size.

The most popular time to hunt bears is in the springtime. Because their coats are at the optimal thickness and because of their mating patterns, this is the preferred and best chance to land a bear. We have seven day hunts starting in the late spring on May 23rd running till the 17th of June. If you can’t make it in the spring, don’t worry, we still have hunts available in the late summer and early fall from August 25th – October 7th. In the 25 years we’ve been hosting hunters, we’ve seen an incredible 85% success rate with bear hunts, and 75 % on our trophy Bull Moose hunts. We include multiple services in our hunting packages, including all government taxes and licensing.


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