What Makes A Fly-In Only Lodge Unique?

What Makes A Fly-In Only Lodge Unique?

What Makes A Fly-In Only Lodge Unique?We all get tired of feeling busy 24/7 and it seems like every vacation is spent on our cell phone or tablets. While you won’t be roughing it at a Fly-In only lodge, you will certainly be able to unwind and relax while enjoying some fantastic fishing, hunting and connecting with nature.

When you choose a Fly-In only lodge, you will get a very different trip in comparison to other lodges.

You are deeper into the woods, surrounded by nature that is almost untouched by man. Because they are so secluded, you will not have to worry about other hunters around you and when you’re sitting on the water, you’ll feel like you are the only person fishing on the lake.

Everything you may need is readily available to you; you won’t have to think about anything besides hunting and fishing. Not to mention, the staff and guides have years of experience and won’t lead you astray.

Everyone needs a break and the opportunity to unplug every once and a while, here at Burntwood, we make that possible.

Burntwood Lake Lodge is located 500 miles north of the Canadian border and is the only lodge on the lake. Accessed only by air, we have fly-in outposts that make your experience at our lodge very unique. With over 1000 miles of shoreline, it’s a great place to fish for Northern Pike and Walleye.

We also have a world class hunt for moose and black bears. If you love to fish and hunt or you are looking for a nice place to go camping, contact us today to schedule stay.

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