2016 Fishing Gear Guide

2016 Fishing Gear Guide

2016 Fishing Gear GuideWe have our trustworthy fishing gear that we can’t ever think of replacing, but with new technology these days, the equipment is easier to use, more efficient, and offer great fishing success.

Fishing season 2016 is well under way.

While we hope you have had much fishing success so far, just in case you haven’t here is a list of some gear to help increase your chances.

Van Staal X-Series reel: this reel is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and is the most durable reel you will find. There is an improved drag system to give you better adjustment options as well as a clicker that offers positive feedback to tweak resistance during big fish battles.

Seaguar Smackdown braided line: a super thin line, you have a great advantage for inshore saltwater fishing for fluke, sea bass, and striped bass. It has been tested against 65-pound strengths. You can cast this line further and it comes in a variety of spool lengths.

Buff Pro Series Stripping Guards: to save your skin against line and pole cuts and burns, try this tape that provides super strength for your fingers. These guards are reusable and strip away during all hours of the day.

Patagonia Capilene Thermal Weight Crew shirt: for that early morning and late evening fishing trips, you need skin coverage that insulates and protects. This shirt is stretchy and is made of breathable Polartec Power Grid fabric with interior fleece bumps that create pockets to hold heat.

Fishpond Nomad Boat Net: typical nets are great for the smaller fish, but when you have a large trout, for example, you need something bigger and stronger. This net has a 27-inch easy-grip handle and a wide rubber-mesh bag. This net practically sucks in the fish as you net them.

One of the most personal of fishing choices is which pole you use. If you are looking to upgrade your current rod, this fishing gear guide of 2016 provided by Field & Stream has quite an impressive list.

Burntwood Lake Lodge would like to have an opportunity to fish with you this season. For fishing excursion reservations or to learn about us, you can contact us by calling 1-877-358-2259 today.

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