New Year’s Resolutions for Hunters

It’s another New Year. Where has the time gone, right? It seems like only yesterday everyone was talking about the “new millennium.”

Burntwood Lake Lodge, the best fly-in fishing and hunting lodge in Manitoba, offers this list of New Year’s resolutions for hunters. Enjoy.

5) Explore an area you’ve never hunted before, like the Canadian wilderness in Manitoba. Burntwood’s location includes over 1,000 miles of shoreline, with weed beds, hidden reefs, and more for great fishing. Plus, the water attracts game– for great hunting.

4) This year, take a kid or two hunting. If they don’t start young, they might never know the thrill of the hunt. Indeed, many old-timers can remember their first hunt when their father or someone else took them out on the land, taught them how to hold a gun and fire it, etc. Kids today spend way too much time attached to their smartphones, iPads, and other computerized devices. This year, take a kid or two into the woods, looking for animals. It’ll be a memorable adventure for all involved.

3) Is this the year you renew your gym membership and actually go, several times a week? It could really help your hunting game if you’re more physically fit this year than last. The more weight you’re carrying around, the harder it is for you to physically accomplish what you want to do. As much as you like hearty meals, this year try “portion control,” cutting back on sweets and sugary drinks, and adjusting your lifestyle so you do more walking and less sitting around. Hunting is physical, so it’s important to train your body for the hunt.

2) Don’t get stagnant. Try something new in 2017. That means mixing it up a bit. If you’ve always hunted the same animal with the same gun year after year, make this year the year you go for something else. It’ll reinvigorate your mind.

1) Resolve to have more fun during the hunt this year! Too many hunters take themselves and their hunt so seriously and that’s bad. Will you make some mistakes out there? Probably. Do you have to mentally beat yourself up about them? No! Approach a hunt this year with a more carefree attitude, taking time to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Perhaps you could join up with other hunters and make a weekend or week of it, so you’re not alone. Have some campfires. Tell tall tales. Take a boat out fishing, throw a frisbee around, or go for a swim.

2017 is filled with infinite possibilities. Happy hunting.

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