Reasons to Plan a Fishing Trip With Burntwood Lake Lodge

Fishing  Fishing is one the few outdoor activities that can be done 365 days per year. Fishing is great for outdoor enthusiasts, as it provides a distinct adrenaline rush, but is also quite relaxing as you escape from life’s craziness.

There are places to fish no matter where you live, but of course, some fishing spots are far more memorable than others. In addition, most anglers want to experience different challenges in their pursuit for different types of fish.

Burntwood Lake Lodge is renowned for being a special place to fish. Located in the hills of Manitoba, Canada, we are surrounded by one of the most gorgeous lakes where substantial amounts of fish are.

Manitoba is known for outdoor enthusiasts and boasts some of the best conditions for fishing. We have excellent conditions for Walleye fishing, as well as fishing for Northern Pike. We have scouted the best spots on the lake for fishing, especially weed beds and back bays.

Both species of fish, Walleye and Northern Pike, feed on just about anything and make for an excellent meal.

We cook what we fish right at our lodge, which is located just a few feet away from the lake.

There are also great lodging accommodations that are ideal for relaxing after a long day of fishing. Complete with a hot shower, plumbing and electricity, you will have the comforts of home. We supply three home cooked meals a day.

You don’t have to worry about bringing a boat as we have a fleet of boats available for fishing and offer both daytime and nighttime fishing.

There are a variety of fishing packages for you to choose from. If you need a personal guide along on the fishing excursion, we can arrange that for you for an additional price.

We supply most of what you need for an unforgettable fishing trip. Burntwood Lake Lodge has done all we can to make sure you fish successfully and leave feeling relaxed and wanting to come back again.

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