The Importance of Getting Fresh Air

FishingSome industrial cities are so polluted that you’ll have a hard time finding fresh air there. Then there’s the infamous “sick building syndrome,” whereas office workers get headaches and have all sorts of respiratory problems because the building they work in is so poorly ventilated.

Getting fresh air into your lungs is important for your overall health and well-being.

Most people spend the majority of their time indoors these days, staring at computer and TV screens. This is not good. Think about our ancestors– they spent the majority of their time outdoors, didn’t they? Now think back to your childhood. Most likely, you spent a lot more time outdoors than you do now, doing things like walking in the woods, swimming in pools, going for bike rides and picking flowers for your mom.

Fresh air is good for you and your body. When you’re surrounded by nature, far from industrial waste, you’re able to breathe in fresh air which helps boost your immune system and reduce your stress levels. At places like Burntwood Lake Lodge in Manitoba, you’re surrounded by trees and water. It smells good in the wilderness and makes people feel calmer and happier than being stuck in highway traffic in the big city– no wonder several companies make a “fresh air scent” spray.

Think about the last time you were away from the polluted city. Imagine the trees, bushes, flowers, walking paths, streams, rivers, and lakes. Didn’t nature make you feel more relaxed? Didn’t you want to take big bucketful gasps for all that fresh air to fill your lungs?

Simply put, spending time in the fresh air, outdoors, energizes us. Being in nature is good for the soul.

Burntwood Lake Lodge is a Canadian getaway where you can enjoy lots of fresh air. It’s also home to some of Canada’s best hunting and fishing areas. As a fly-in resort, Burntwood Lake Lodge is nice and remote– all the better for fresh air fun!


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