Flying Moose in Northern Manitoba

Hello to all of you moose hunters!  Ever wonder if there’s a more efficient way to transport a bull moose from the kill site to Burntwood Lake Lodge?  Here at BWL we like to make this step as easy as possible by using one of our Robinson 44 helicopters to sling the moose out.  By using this method of transport, makes it a bit easier on our guides and insures that meat wastage is never an issue.

The video you will view is a bull moose being slung from a hunting site approximately 15 miles from the town of Snow Lake, Manitoba onto the local hunters flatbed trailer.    Slinging Moose with Heli 2015

3 Fishing Lure Tips For Catching Northern Pike At Burntwood Lake

3 Fishing Lure Tips For Catching Northern Pike At Burntwood LakeThere are some lessons that take the time to learn, some professions that take more than a lifetime to master, but we are here to give you some tips that some are helpful and easy to learn now.

When it comes to catching Northern Pike, there are a few things that are worth knowing.

This is especially true when you want to have a fruitful Northern Pike fishing trip.

Here is a list of three lure techniques to know:

  1. The bigger the lure doesn’t mean a bigger fish. Just because there are a lot of people that believe the old adage “bigger is better”, this is not always true. When fishing for Northern Pike there is much more than just size of the lure that should be kept in mind when trying to Pike. This leads us to our next tip.
  2. The color of the dress doesn’t matter if it can’t dance. While there are people that will say that the color is most important, the Northern Pike care more about the movement of the lure than anything else. Jointed streamers and flies with wide, cone-shaped bucktail heads produced the best, because when paused, they would flutter or jackknife, allowing the material to pulsate.
  3. Topwater lures aren’t the best for Pikes. Topwater lures under a range of conditions are great but to be truthful, using topwater isn’t always going to produce that trophy fish you want. When it comes to working the surface, it shouldn’t be the first and only try.

These three tips are just the beginning. Plan your next fishing trip at Burntwood Lake Lodge and we guarantee an amazing experience filled with heaps of trophy fish on your fishing pole.

For the best fishing experience possible contact Burntwood Lake Lodge in Manitoba today.