2016 Fall Moose Hunt

The fall hunting season started off with fisherman, bear hunters and a duck hunter. The bear hunters didn’t fare so well as the bears would not come to the baits no matter what we put in them. The fishermen kept track of the fish caught a total of 377 in 4 days!  Our duck hunter fed us his bacon wrapped duck for the week.  Can’t get enough of this delicacy!  When he wasn’t hunting he was out looking for big northern.  For the amount of time fishing there was some nice pike 13 over 30” with the biggest being 39”.

The moose hunters arrived on September 17th.  The week proved to be successful with 2 bull moose tags filled. Mid-week, guide Leo had a moose coming and another smaller one swam from behind them across the river and his guest filled his tag.  The next day, guide Johnny called a nice moose in.  The hunter had the horns and head in the scope at 30 yards and didn’t feel he had a good enough shot.  The following day, Leo had another one coming to the call and the hunter dropped the shooting stick and that was it for the bull moose.

Rain, high winds, and fog slowed down the second week of hunting.  Mother nature at its finest!  This didn’t stop our guides and guests from getting out there.  Joe took his new guests out and saw a bull in the river but didn’t get close enough to get a shot.  Tuesday was calm in the morning and guide Joe heard 2 in the Hunting River.  Guide Leo and guest heard a call from down the Burntwood River but couldn’t get close enough for a shot.

The third week started off the same, heavy fog in the mornings and later in the week 25mph winds and 10” of snow! Guide Leo and guest headed for the spot he had heard the moose down the Burntwood River and it paid off with a smaller bull. Our successful hunter also saw a huge black bear and bought a tag in case their paths crossed again.

Guide Johnny went back to his secret spot where he had heard a moose on the first week but it was scared off. After calling for a few hours, the moose came back out of the bush and his guest was able to fill his tag with a beautiful 16-point rack.

In all it was a good season with great guests, good food and lots of laughs. Hope to see you all next year!

-Camp Manager Jim

monica jim and louise
Cook Monica, Camp Manager Jim, “Smiley” Louise

Tips To Bring Home A Northern Pike This Winter

Tips To Bring Home A Northern Pike This WinterIf you fish for Northern Pike, you will most likely hear anglers discussing the best ways to catch them in the middle of winter.

With so many different tips, it can be hard to tell what will and won’t work.

Regardless of what you decide on, the following tips are a great place to start when you decide to hit the ice.

Reel In That Northern Pike

  • Location, Location, Location – When you head out to catch a northern pike, take note of where their food supply is calling. If you are able to find that, the Pike won’t be too hard too far behind.
  • Play The Game – Northern Pike is known to play with anglers bait. If you feel it a tug, don’t reel your line all the way in. Instead, reel in slowly as the Pike may return and bite again. Do this and stay patient and you could just end up with a catch.
  • Get The Right Bait – Don’t even bother with smaller bait when trying to catch a Northern Pike because they won’t either. Make your bait about 6 to 8 inches long. But keep in mind you might have to reel your bait in yourself as most stores don’t carry bait that long.

Burntwood Lake Lodge offers fishing trip packages in Manitoba.

Our fishing guides will take you out on the water and help you bring home your next trophy.

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3 Fishing Lure Tips For Catching Northern Pike At Burntwood Lake

3 Fishing Lure Tips For Catching Northern Pike At Burntwood LakeThere are some lessons that take the time to learn, some professions that take more than a lifetime to master, but we are here to give you some tips that some are helpful and easy to learn now.

When it comes to catching Northern Pike, there are a few things that are worth knowing.

This is especially true when you want to have a fruitful Northern Pike fishing trip.

Here is a list of three lure techniques to know:

  1. The bigger the lure doesn’t mean a bigger fish. Just because there are a lot of people that believe the old adage “bigger is better”, this is not always true. When fishing for Northern Pike there is much more than just size of the lure that should be kept in mind when trying to Pike. This leads us to our next tip.
  2. The color of the dress doesn’t matter if it can’t dance. While there are people that will say that the color is most important, the Northern Pike care more about the movement of the lure than anything else. Jointed streamers and flies with wide, cone-shaped bucktail heads produced the best, because when paused, they would flutter or jackknife, allowing the material to pulsate.
  3. Topwater lures aren’t the best for Pikes. Topwater lures under a range of conditions are great but to be truthful, using topwater isn’t always going to produce that trophy fish you want. When it comes to working the surface, it shouldn’t be the first and only try.

These three tips are just the beginning. Plan your next fishing trip at Burntwood Lake Lodge and we guarantee an amazing experience filled with heaps of trophy fish on your fishing pole.

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Why “Catch & Release” Is The Solid Fishing Practice

We all know how exciting it is, sitting on your boat or dock, patiently waiting for the tug on your line. Then it happens and after the excitement dies down, it’s time to throw the long awaited fish back into the water. While it isn’t as exciting as keeping your prize, it is what’s best for the fishing habitat.

The fishing industry is very large and there are so many who enjoy the sport, that if we didn’t exercise a catch and release policy, fishing would not be as enjoyable and not nearly as exciting.

Most restrictions allow the fisherman to make the choice to keep or release and while some keep the fish for dinner, most are in it for sport. However, if you are following the rules, which are generally on size or the number of fish, you won’t be doing any damage to that area’s fish population.

So, what’s the proper technique for landing a fish? Why “Catch & Release” Is The Solid Fishing Practice

Start with using the proper tackle and line. The stronger the line, the faster you will get the fish to your boat or on land, which means less stress on the fish which increases the fish’s chances of survival.

You can use live bait or lures; however lures typically have a higher survival rate because the fish don’t swallow them like they do with live bait. Don’t remove the fish from water for more than four minutes and wet your hands before handling the fish to avoid removing its outer mucous membrane that protects its skin.

When it’s time to put the fish back in the water, do it so their head goes in first.

Here at Burntwood Lake Lodge, we have practiced a catch and release policy of all Northern Pike over 30” for 15 years and by doing this, we offer an excellent fishing opportunity. If you are interested in booking your next fishing trip with us, please contact us today.

Spring Trophy Fishing On Burntwood Lake

It is only March but you already have your upcoming May trip planned and all the accommodations have been made in anticipation of fruitful fishing on the great Burntwood Lake in Manitoba.

Burntwood Lake boasts an amazing 1000 miles of rocky shoreline; weed beds, hidden reefs and is a superb lake for the fisherman who wants to try their hand at angling a huge Northern Pike or a catching a challenging Walleye.

Why May Is A Great Month For Spring FishingSpring Trophy Fishing On Burntwood Lake

May is by far the most optimal month to target and catch Northern Pike in the northern United States and southern Canada. After recuperating from spawning, the Northern Pike prowl the shallows for Panfish and Baitfish. With little weed growth accumulated, the Northern Pike don’t have all that many spots built for ambushing and they haven’t seen anything resembling a lure in at least six months. In conclusion, spring fishing for pike couldn’t get much better.

What About Walleye?

The Walleye are more likely to be found in the shallows come spring time. In the day, the male Walleyes might run into 3 to 4-feet deep of water, but in the cooler evening they are right back into 1 to 3-feet of water. This means you won’t have to fish more than a couple of feet from the shore and definitely not out in the middle of the open lake.

Anglers, who prefer first class accommodations, and fishing for Northern Pike and Walleye can do no better than Burntwood Lake Lodge. At Burntwood Lake, we have the best Walleye fishing and it is second to none on the Trophy Northern Pike.

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