2015 Ice Cutting at Burntwood Lake Lodge

Ice cutting transportation at it’s finest! Picture taken in front of main lodge
Few blocks of ice cut at this point, stacked and ready to be transported to the ice house
Brad making the load for the 6 wheeler (or himself) a bit lighter!
Ice picks to pull ice out of water! Not an easy job hey Derek!??
Larry supervising the boys! 🙂

Every year around March, Brad and a few friends (sometimes Larry and Sandra) need a little fresh air and exercise.   As luck would have it, a good layer of ice had formed on Burntwood Lake, 20 yards from the main docks at the Lodge.  Perfect for their annual ice cutting ritual!

This age old tradition involves cutting ice blocks into ~ 3’ lengths using a chain saw.  Once cut, the blocks are retrieved with ice picks and transported to the ice house using an ATV 6 wheeler.  Approximately 300 blocks are put up and covered with plastic and sawdust to insulate.  This ice is then chipped daily by the guests or guides and used to keep their refreshments cool during those hot summer days out on the lake while reeling in those Trophy Pike and Walleye.  There’s nothing better than local lake ice for keeping things as natural as it can be!

Looking forward to seeing you all this summer! 🙂