Year Round Fishing Conditions

Year Round Fishing ConditionsFishing is one of few outdoor sports that you can engage in year round. With the exception of winter where you will ice fish, in all three others seasons of the year, you can fish from a boat or side of a stream, river or lake.

The success of your fishing depends on the type of fish biting during that time of year, the temperature of the water and heat of the sun.

We can’t also forget that the time of day plays a large role in successful fishing. Before the sun sets high in the sky, some fish prefer the cooler water, which makes early morning fishing better than midday.

Some fish species like dark and murky water, making an early evening or nighttime fishing a good time.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect for seasonal fishing.

Remember, though, this is just a guide and not an absolute. Some research ahead of time on the type of fish you’re after is the best solution for a successful fishing excursion.

Spring – this is typically when fish begin spawning. Since water temperatures take a while to hit a decent 65 degrees, many fish species will swim at the surface of the water, where the sun has warmed the top layer or close to shore.

Summer – many fish species have released their offspring by now and due to the rising heat of the water temperature, you’ll find much fish to swim deep below the surface where it is colder and darker.

Fall – water temperatures are much cooler by now, making the fish really active to locate the warm spots in the water. The colder the water, the hungrier the fish are, which makes it easier to catch a fish.

Winter – while the quantity of fish is lower in the winter, the quality of fish is increased. Fishing trips in the winter tend to be shorter days with fewer fish, but the fish you catch will be well fed.

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