The Health Benefits of Eating Moose

Moose Most hunters are not strangers to eating a variety of wild game meat. Most of the wild game meat consumed is locally hunted and prepared, which always seems to make the meat taste a bit better.

It is no secret that our daily consumption should include a variety of protein; did you know one of the healthiest of meats to eat is actually moose?

Moose is sometimes mistaken as complex meat to cook, but it is actually quite versatile. It can be roasted, cooked in a crock-pot or ground and serves as a great addition to many healthy side dishes. It is packed with a lot of natural flavor without high fat, calories, and sodium.

Here are some nutritional facts on moose:

A 3.5-ounce serving of moose provides 22 grams of high-quality protein, which makes up the recommended daily amount of essential amino acids. Much of our cells, muscles, and tissue are made up of amino acids.

Moose meat is also carbohydrate-free and is packed with B-vitamins, which helps metabolize food and create red blood cells. Moose is high in vitamin B-3 and B-2.

As a lean source of protein, moose has less than 1 gram of total fat per 100-gram serving, which is minimal. Also, moose is very low in saturated fat, which contributes to increased levels of bad LDL cholesterol in blood. With a lot less fat, moose is actually healthier than steak.

If you are looking for a low sodium option, moose is a great meat choice. Low-sodium foods are those with less than 140 milligrams per serving and moose has only 65 milligrams per 100-gram serving. A low-sodium diet can decrease chances of stroke, heart and kidney disease.

Burntwood Lake Lodge is a great source for guided moose hunting trips. We are experienced in hunting this species of wild game and welcome you to join us on one of our moose hunting excursions.

Moose season is finally here!

Are you searching for the perfect big game hunting expedition embark on this fall?  If so, you should visit Burntwood Lake Lodge, the preeminent hunting destination in Manitoba.  Our always popular guided moose hunts are now back, as moose season runs from September 23rd through October 7th!


One of the most unique characteristics of hunting at Burntwood Lake Lodge is that there is no resident or local hunting, only fly- in hunting is permitted.  This leaves the game all to our visitors, as competition with the locals is avoided.  Burntwood offers fully guided moose hunts with the most elite guides who can lead you to the trophy of your dreams.  Central Manitoba is renowned for having big game moose with big racks, and our guests have captured moose with racks ranging from 50 inches all the way up to 63 inches.  What a wonderful addition to the mantle that would be!


Right now is the treasured rut season, which ensures the ubiquitous moose will be plentiful.  Your guide can help you call out to the moose and answer their calls.  Burntwood’s customers have over a 90% opportunity rate, while 75% is the norm for the success rate.  It is truly a wonderful opportunity to finally get that big game trophy that you have sought after for years.


Included in our 2012 hunting package is a plane flying from Snow Lake, MB, and a return home with your game.  Also, three meals a day, fishing, government taxes and a hunting license is all included in your package.   We will also cape and dress your game.  Now is the time to reserve your trip as the moose rut season will be over before we know it.  Please contact us for reservations or to ask us any questions.  Best of luck to you this hunting season!