How to Successfully Release a Fish

Many lakes, including Burntwood Lake, participate in catch and release fishing programs. While catching a fish is typically straightforward, the releasing part of fishing may be difficult for those who are new to the sport. To practice successful catch and release, follow these steps: When handling a fish, wet your hands or put on rubberized […]

The Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

When we were kids, our parents always told us “fresh air is good for you” or “go outside and get some fresh air!” Sure, they were probably just trying to occupy us for a while, but as it turns out, spending time outside has now been scientifically proven to make you a healthier person. According […]

Here’s Why You Should Plan a Fishing Trip

Do you love to fish? If so, you should consider booking a fishing trip to a place like Burntwood Lake Lodge sometime in the near future. There are many benefits that come along with taking a fishing trip, and you should keep them in mind as you consider the idea of planning one. Check out […]


The Benefits of Fishing With a Professional Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman, or out to visit the lake for the weekend, a professional fishing guide is always a good thing to bring along on your fishing trip! Fishing is a wonderful pastime, but for a lot of people, even those who have fished often before, all of the equipment you need to […]

The Importance of Getting Fresh Air

Some industrial cities are so polluted that you’ll have a hard time finding fresh air there. Then there’s the infamous “sick building syndrome,” whereas office workers get headaches and have all sorts of respiratory problems because the building they work in is so poorly ventilated. Getting fresh air into your lungs is important for your […]

Year Round Fishing Conditions

Fishing is one of few outdoor sports that you can engage in year round. With the exception of winter where you will ice fish, in all three others seasons of the year, you can fish from a boat or side of a stream, river or lake. The success of your fishing depends on the type […]

Find The Best Time For Fishing

It’s fishing season, the season you’ve been waiting for, you’re positive that this is going to be your year. You can just feel it and you’ve seen your trophy fish in your dreams. You have everything you need; rods, reels, line, lures, bait, sinkers and a boat with a full tank of gas. But just […]

Why “Catch & Release” Is The Solid Fishing Practice

We all know how exciting it is, sitting on your boat or dock, patiently waiting for the tug on your line. Then it happens and after the excitement dies down, it’s time to throw the long awaited fish back into the water. While it isn’t as exciting as keeping your prize, it is what’s best […]

What Makes A Fly-In Only Lodge Unique?

We all get tired of feeling busy 24/7 and it seems like every vacation is spent on our cell phone or tablets. While you won’t be roughing it at a Fly-In only lodge, you will certainly be able to unwind and relax while enjoying some fantastic fishing, hunting and connecting with nature. When you choose […]

Secrets To Catching Walleye At Burntwood Lake

Burntwood Lake Lodge, known for its beautiful vistas and picaresque camping sites, is also home to some of the greatest fishing in the area! If you love to fish, come to Burntwood Lake any time of the year, even the dead of winter. There are a few secrets to a successful Walleye fishing trip, according […]